St. Anthony Police Department raises money to bring in a four-legged officer


ST. ANTHONY, Idaho (KIFI) — It has been nearly four years since St. Anthony has had a K-9 officer in the department. Now there is a need for a K-9 unit once again.

The new K-9 will allow the department to detect drugs passing through the area, says Officer Hunter Gregory, who will be the dog handler.

Gregory says that while they are close to achieving their goal, they are still hoping to raise funds for some of the equipment needed to keep the K-9 officer and dog handler safe on the ground.

“We’re pretty close to what we need to buy the dog,” Gregory said. “We’re still working on fundraising for maintenance and training supplies, things like that.”

Officer Gregory says they hope to have the dog soon. Once they have the dog, Gregory says it will be a while before he and the dog can work together in the field.

“We’ll bring the dog back here to work with me for a few weeks. I’ll just work on bonding and obedience and then we’ll start training, probably with ISP,” Gregory said. “We were originally considering doing this through Utah Post. But they don’t have a program until mid-July, and we’re looking at working with ISP with their state-certified trainers.”

Idaho requires 160 hours of training for handler and dog. Once completed, Gregory says the department hopes to not only reduce the presence of narcotics in the St. Anthony area, but also involve the dog in school programs and interviews with people affected by crimes.

Gregory says there are two different paths to take if people want to donate to help the department achieve its goals.

“You can donate directly to the Saint Anthony Police Department Canine Program, or you can go to the gofundme which we have also set up for this. »

Gregory says local businesses have also been a big help with the program, saying Glenwood Snacks, a local beef jerky maker, and St. Anthony Motor Sports have been a big help in fundraising. .


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