SF Firefighter Arrested After Oakland Man Shot Over Puppy Breeding Dispute


Jailed San Francisco firefighter accused of shooting an Oakland man while driving his car on Sunday afternoon: The two knew each other and were involved in a financial dispute over raising puppies.

According to Alameda County records, 29-year-old Byron Pointer — who was off duty at the time — is being held on multiple counts, including destroying and concealing evidence, assault with a firearm, shooting at a vehicle and concealment of stolen property.

The fire department said it is reviewing this incident in coordination with Oakland police, who are investigating the matter.

KTVU learned that Pointer had worked for the San Francisco Fire Department for less than a year.

Shooting victim Michael Johnson said he was lucky the bullets did not kill him.

On Monday, he showed a KTVU team his silver Audi riddled with bullet holes and the wounds on his body.

“The bullet that hit me right here,” he said pointing to his neck. “I would have died. It went through there, through the headrest. That’s where I was sitting.”

Johnson said he was shot by Bryon Pointer, the off-duty firefighter. Johnson said he and Pointer were doing business together: raising puppies and selling them in Oakland.

“Being shot by a firefighter is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of,” Johnson said. “They’re supposed to save lives, not shoot your car. Get shot in the neck, robbed at gunpoint.

Johnson also shared a cellphone video he took of Pointer when they met in a parking lot in Emeryville around 11 a.m. Sunday.

Johnson said they met so he could give Pointer the papers for three puppies.

“He slapped my hand and he had a gun in the other hand,” Johnson said. He added that Pointer was supposed to pay him $5,500 through an app.

Instead, the 45-year-old said Pointer robbed him at gunpoint.

Johnson said he followed Pointer to his home and called 911.

Johnson said police asked him to meet with officers a few blocks from Pointer’s home.

Oakland and Emeryville police responded and Emeryville police told him it was a civil matter and left.

“They refused to speak to him at all,” Johnson said.

As he drove away, Johnson said he received a message from Pointer asking why he was in his neighborhood.

Johnson said that as he drove past Pointer’s house, Pointer fired 6–7 rounds at Johnson’s car.

Johnson said he first met Pointer at a car wash in April when Pointer saw Johnson and his dog. This is how they agreed to breed dogs together.

Johnson said he trusted Pointer because he was a firefighter, but said he was now “terrified” for his safety.

“A person who does this is capable of anything. I want him to stay in jail. He tried to kill me,” Johnson said.

A KTVU crew traveled to Pointer’s home in Oakland. Two women answered the door, but refused to speak.

Pointer is due to make his first court appearance on Tuesday morning. His bond is set at $270,000.

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