San Antonio man plans to provide Uvalde school shooting survivor with service dog


SAN ANTONIO –A San Antonio man wants to help a survivor of the Uvalde school shooting by providing the victim with a service dog.

If things go according to plan, Eric Andrade will send the dog, Stinky, to help a family in Uvalde recover from the tragedy.

Andrade is a professional dog handler at 3DK9 detection services in San Antonio. He encouraged Stinky and helped find a home for him.

“He was originally a dog that someone said was too aggressive to keep in his apartment,” Andrade said. “They (said they) couldn’t keep him in a cage because he was escaping. We went ahead and assessed the dog to see if he would bite.

According to Andrade, Stinky was determined to be non-aggressive, lacked a toy drive, and was mildly food-motivated.

“He would find his food, but he wouldn’t eat it,” Andrade said. “He mainly wanted praise (and) wanted to be with someone. So we thought he would be a very good companion dog. We offered the dog for free on Nextdoor and Facebook, along with three basic obedience classes, and no one wanted the dog.

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Andrade did not give up. He called an assistance dog trainer from the Bandera-based nonprofit A Doggie 4 You.

“He came down, he assessed the dog and he said, ‘He’s a perfect dog for a family in Uvalde.’ So from now on, Stinky is a candidate for service work,” Andrade said.

It will be in the next few weeks that Stinky will begin training as a service animal with the goal of being assigned to a family in Uvalde affected by the school shooting.

“A dog as needy as him will be perfect for a family that needs that attention. There’s a lot of science to this, but it’s because of his willingness to praise rather than food or toys,” a Andrade said.

Until the nonprofit has a kennel space, Stinky’s goal will be to make sure he is neutered and can socialize properly.

“From there, he will go through a much more rigorous obedience course. He should be certified under Canine Good Citizen and Community Good Citizen certifications,” Andrade said. “He is a perfect dog for a family that going through (a tough time), but who needs that attention, who needs that comfort, who needs a real teddy bear, so to speak.”

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For more information on A Doggie 4 You, Click here.

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