Running dogs: Here are the 10 adorable dog breeds for people who want a running companion – including the adorable Golden Retriever 🐶


Many of us have decided to welcome new puppies into our homes over the past two years – according to figures from the Kennel Club, dog ownership has soared nearly eight percent during the global pandemic .

There are 221 different purebred dog breeds to choose from, as well as plenty of crossbreeds, so there’s a lot of thought to go into before selecting the latest addition to your family.

There’s even academic guidance to seek out, with psychologist Stanley Coren’s book “The Intelligence of Dogs” ranking breeds by instinct, obedience and adaptability.

One thing to consider is that certain breeds will suit owners with particular lifestyles – and their specific hobbies.

Sportswear retailer lululemon recently revealed a list of the best dog breeds and their ability to run, to find the best furry running partners.

They analyzed a variety of parameters, including the types of running they would be suited to, temperament, size, lifespan, friendliness, trainability, popularity, and living conditions.

So here are the 10 dog breeds that make great exercise companions.


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