Rogue Dog Breeders Create ‘Frankenstein Puppies’ At Unlicensed Dog Clinics


A wave of ‘Frankenstein dogs’ unable to lead healthy, natural lives is being created by unlicensed ‘canine fertility clinics’, according to a report.

According to a study by the Naturewatch Foundation, an animal welfare charity, untrained and unqualified people are illegally giving prescription drugs and performing artificial insemination on dogs.

His survey revealed more than 120 such clinics in the UK, which claim to offer veterinary services but are often run by people with no training. He describes these facilities as “laboratories” creating Frankenstein puppies who “are destined to suffer for their appearance”.

The most endangered French bulldogs

Breeds of particular concern include French Bulldogs, a brachycephalic (or flat-faced) breed that suffers from serious health issues. It is estimated that four-fifths of puppies are born by caesarean because they were bred to have narrow hips and large heads, making natural births dangerous.

They also have difficulty breathing due to their flat-faced nature, which shortens their airways and often requires surgery to repair.

Now new types of these dogs are being bred that have even worse health outcomes, veterinarians have warned. Although naturally short-haired, “mutated” fluffy or hairless versions of French Bulldogs are bred by irresponsible breeders.

“The genetics are so mutated that they will have problems,” said Aoibheann Canavan, a vet who has practiced in Derby and Dublin.

She explained that ordinary short-haired Frenchies’ struggles to breathe mean they have trouble panting to regulate their temperature, so the fluffy versions are at even greater risk.

“They overheat on hot days with no noses, so now the fluff will die even faster,” she said. “This fluffy dog ​​will die in two minutes. [on a hot day]. He can’t go anywhere.

Dogs mutated for their “novelty value”

Justine Shotton, President of the British Veterinary Association, said: “We believe [the problem is] is increasing due to the demand for pandemic puppies and the price at which these dogs are being sold. These “new” puppies are bred simply because they may be popular and new online. This is completely wrong and not in the best interest of well-being.

“Always talk to your veterinarian before deciding to breed your dog or have a puppy. They can tell you if it is right for your dog to breed or not.


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