Radford family share ‘not-so-funny’ story about breeder’s mistake with new puppy


The Radford family shared a “not-so-funny” story about their new puppy in a vlog shared with their 319,000 subscribers.

22-year-old mum Sue Radford shared a snapshot of the new addition to the Morecambe family last week, telling their 430,000 followers the arrival of Miniature Daschund, Arlo.

Sue captioned the photo, “Did we mention we have a new family member? Our little Arlo #miniaturedaschund #silverdapple.”

But in their last vlog uploaded Jan. 7, Sue shared a “not-so-funny” story that means the puppy’s name will be changed.

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Sue spoke to viewers about the happy arrival of the miniature Daschund before explaining that there was “confusion” when they took the “new addition”.

“There’s a not-so-funny story about it, we have a little miniature sausage and we thought we bought a boy puppy,” she said.

“We bought him a few weeks before he could leave anyway we picked him up and had him for a few days and the breeder texted and said, ‘It’s a asks a little fun, but please can you take a photo of the pieces of your puppies.

“We did, and we were like, oh my gosh, this puppy is actually a girl.”

Sue explained that the “boy” puppy they bought was actually “seven o’clock down south” with another owner.

“So she got attached to this puppy, and obviously we got attached to the one we have because we had him for a few days, so the lady who had our boy puppy down south didn’t really want them. swapping, so we ended up with a puppy girl instead, ”she said.

Miniature Dachshund Arlo

Sue told viewers that they “didn’t really want” a girl puppy because they already had “a lot of daughters” and thought a male puppy would be “better.”

Sue then said, “Anyway, this is the story of our new little puppy. We’re trying to come up with a name for her, but I think we’re going to pick Cookie, because I think that is on her. agrees.”

Later in the vlog, Noel returns with the puppy and says, “Sue already explained the little confusion with Arlo, Arlo is not Arlo, she is going to have to have a new name.”

He asked for views from viewers on the list of names the family is torn between, including Cookie, Bella or Belle, Biscuit and Dotty.

Fans were quick to comment on the name change, with one claiming the family had “dodged a bullet” after receiving a confused girl.

The family asked viewers what they think of the little puppy's new names
The family asked viewers what they think of the little puppy’s new names

Luda London wrote: “Heidie became BonBon all of a sudden !!! My God she grew up! Cookie is gorgeous – she couldn’t have gone to a nicer family. The boys pee on EVERYTHING Sue so honestly you dodged a bullet in there. It would mark its territory all day with so many dog ​​smells all over it. Happy days for all of you! Love the new bus too – it looks very luxurious! XX “

Trish Traynor wrote: “Little puppy! I had a miniature long haired dachshund and called it Morris (juvenile). Enjoy it.”

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