Puppy Doula – Dogitivity helps families get off to a good start – A new approach to puppy training

Oxshott, UK, 29 January 2022 –(PR.com)– Dogitivity Positive Dog Training Surrey introduces a new concept in puppy training. Christina Bluhme, professional dog trainer, explains how Dogitivity is on a mission to keep dogs out of shelters.

Critical decisions are made the second a family chooses a breeder for their future pup. First-time dog owners are already struggling to make that all-important first decision. They run a horrible risk of choosing and supporting low-quality breeding by simply not noticing the behavioral and health issues that the puppies and parents might display. The consequences are often expensive vet bills and a lot of heartache and frustration for inexperienced puppy owners.

Dogitivity’s wish is to make the experience of adding a puppy to the family the best it can be. They help find quality breeders and healthy, well-socialized puppies, which they believe is the essential first step.

Dogitivity will help prepare for the puppy’s return, prepare for puppy set-up, puppy food, and everything needed for a smooth transition into family life with a new puppy. The puppy training company will develop bespoke puppy training plans suited to the lifestyles and routines of novice families.

Novice dog owners mistakenly believe that puppies are kid-friendly and often find that their children are disappointed and may even be afraid of the family’s new puppy, Christina says.

Dogitivity is committed to educating families, especially children. The dog training company is convinced that by teaching children to read the body language of their new puppies and establishing house rules, rehoming can in many cases be avoided because the puppy learns from the start that his subtle requests for space are listened to with respect.”

Dogitivity families are fully supported. The puppy trainer is always just a phone call away and there to support them every step of the way.


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