Pleasant Grove High Tops by Texarkana in Region 8 Robotics Tournament


Pleasant Grove High School continues to win on and off the field. This time around, we congratulate the PG Robotics Team as they took part in the VEX Robotics Competition in Region 8 in Mount Pleasant, TX in December. PG sent five teams representing the school to compete and several prizes were won, one of these teams took home the big trophy.

  • Jacob Jones, Nathan Hutchinson, Michael Glenn, Chris Brannan, Campbell Jackson, Rose Anderson and Brooks Beck received the Excellence Award and the Skills Champion Award.
  • Jacob Jones, Nathan Hutchinson, Michael Glenn, Chris Brannan, Campbell Jackson, Rose Anderson, Brooks Beck, Logan Knowles, Joey Ethridge, Joey Boyajin and Wilson Cheng won the tournament championship.
  • Dylan Yost, George Matthews, Andy Hilton and Kelin Formes received the Design Award and also advanced to the tournament final along with Evan Damron, Chris Ayers, Mathew Thomas and Jakob Fontenot.
  • Chase Bolton, Andrew Smith and Donovan Tran received the judges
    Award for their maintenance skills.

Kudos to Colton Mullins, the robotics team leader at Pleasant Grove High School, and all of the students who participated and scored the victories.

Who’s in the picture ?

Pictured above left to right: Evan Damron, Campbell Jackson, Nathan Hutchinson, Wilson Cheng, Landon Beck, Logan Knowles, Chase Bolton, Joey Boyajin, Joey Ethridge, Michael Glenn, Jacob Jones, Chris Brannan, Brooks Beck , Kellin Formes, George Mathews, Andy Hilton, Dylan Yost, Donovan Tran, Mathew Thomas, Andrew Smith, Chris Ayers, Colton Mullins

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