Photo gallery: Edmond’s firefighters save two dogs and a kitten from a house fire


EDMOND, Oklahoma (KFOR) – Two local dogs and a kitten are alive thanks to the courage and swift actions of Edmond firefighters.

Edmond’s fire department was called to a burning house on Wednesday morning.

Firefighters fought the blaze and searched the house.

There was no one inside, but two dogs and a kitten were found inside the house unconscious.

Firefighters transported the dogs and the kitten out of the house, gently laid them down on the lawn, and began working to save their lives by providing them with oxygen and other medical treatment.

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The pets were soon breathing again and the kitten comfortably settled into a firefighter’s jacket as he held her close to him.

“Several years ago our department was able to purchase animal-specific medical equipment for situations like these. Since then, we have used them on several occasions and we are grateful to our citizens and our community who provide us with the necessary equipment to do our job, ”said a fire official. social media.

The resident of the house arrived and took the animals to a veterinarian for further evaluation.


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