Pet Stores Upstate See Pet Food Shortages | News


Ariel Ballman has Persian cats. Feeding them is quite expensive, but she couldn’t find their favorite brands anywhere.

“Completely empty, sold out; there’s not a single can, a single bag. Here we go,” Ballman said.

Ballman has been trying to replace the brand for now, but it has made his fur babies sick.

“It ripped their stomachs out,” Ballman said. “I thought about trying to order direct from the manufacturer, but I don’t know how.”

Easley’s Saluda River Animal Facility Manager Cody McClain says the problem runs deeper than just cat food.

“We’re seeing a bit more shortage of aluminum cans than of dry cans, but it’s venturing into other areas such as supplies,” McClain said.

We called several pet stores in the upstate. Many say the same. Food shortages leave little choice for buyers. This is another effect of the pandemic.

“I would say it probably goes to the shipping containers that are still out there,” McClain said. “It’s been pretty tough for most. It’s a week-to-week thing.”

McClain says they can help you find a brand that matches your pet’s favorite food until the supplies arrive.

Ballman has mixed a bit of the old with the new for now.

“I had to take some of what was left of their food that they were used to and mix it with the new guy to forget about them, until I could get their mark back,” Ballman said.

McClain is just asking for customers’ patience as it can take weeks to get more products.

“I feel bad for my animals, one, because they’re used to something in particular,” Ballman said, “I treat these animals like my own children.”

“We’re having a good fight. We’re trying,” McClain said.

Some pets are picky eaters or have food sensitivities. So be careful when introducing new brands to your dog.

A word of advice: Before you run out of pet food, check online what stores have in stock. You may be able to order online and have it shipped before your local store runs out.


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