Pet Food Institute Explains Food Shortages and the Impacts of Inflation


TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – For dog and cat owners, you may have noticed that when you shop you are faced with a shortage and higher prices for canned pet food. .

The pet food institute of Washington DC (PFI), which is the national voice of pet food manufacturers, explains the food shortages and impacts of inflation your four-legged friends are seeing.

“From packaging, to processing, to the shelf, I can’t really tell you any part of this that isn’t disputed or complicated,” said the president and CEO of PFI, Dana Brooks.

Brooks explained that these conditions are due to the pandemic, which has led to supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, ingredient shortages and price inflation.

“Securing tariffs on aluminum and silver aluminum that were imposed even before the pandemic created a challenge for can supply,” Brooks said.

KLTV found cans of regular brand 13oz dog food selling for over $1.50 each at some big box stores in East Texas and standard 5oz cat food at 0, $65 a box.

In June, pet food inflation rose 10.3% from a year ago.

PFI said this was due to increased costs for pet food manufacturers in sourcing ingredients.

According to PFI, all ingredient costs have increased by 8-20%, with dramatic price increases for corn and soy derivatives, which are key ingredients in many dog ​​and cat food formulations.

“Our priority is their priority, which is food safety, nutrition and choice. And we’re going to do everything we can to keep your products on the shelf and your pets happy and healthy for a long life,” Brooks said.

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