Our Pets Take Over for National Pet Week

  • On GTU this morning – Our show has literally gone to dogs! To celebrate National Pet Week, we’re dedicating our entire show to our furry friends. No matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the day, our pets always make the world a little brighter. No matter how difficult things may seem, pets eagerly provide comfort, sympathy and unquestioned understanding when we need it most. From May 1-7, celebrate National Pet Week by recognizing our fun-loving family members who give us everything, asking for nothing but a smile in return…and maybe an occasional treat.
  • In addition, a genetic study has just demystified the stereotypes attached to dog breeds. The latest study surveyed over 2,000 dogs and their owners’ opinions. From the wild belief that Labradors are the friendliest and most active dogs to the idea that Dalmatians are incredibly stubborn, reputation often goes by the dogs themselves. Now, a new study indicates that trying to guess the personality of dog breeds only sparks speculation. According to a genetic analysis that surveyed more than 2,000 purebred and mixed breed dogs and responses from dog owners, dog behavior traits are not specific to their breeds. The study published Thursday found that the predictive value of what determines each dog’s personality traits is particularly narrow. In short, the stereotypes attributed to dogs based on their breeding are more or less a myth.
  • And Brianne shares her puppy grooming tips and the product that keeps their fur nice and fresh! Hope you join us for some pet mayhem and lots of on-set fun today on GTU.

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