New Zealand Police consider electric vehicles, while their dogs also get new rides

The Skoda Enyaq iV is on its way here, but we still don't know when.

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The Skoda Enyaq iV is on its way here, but we still don’t know when.

While discussing the imminent arrival of Skoda’s Enyaq iV in New Zealand, local boss Rodney Gillard also confirmed that police are considering adding the electric vehicle to the fleet.

“We will make an announcement in a few weeks about Enyaq,” Gillard said at a media event for the Skoda Fabia launch. “Look at this space, it’s exciting.”

Asked if the electric vehicle was potentially used by the police under the Skoda New Zealand supply contract, Gillard said: “They are looking at Enyaq, absolutely. They are studying electric vehicles, but obviously they have a lot of work to do in this area. »

Skoda’s first-ever electric vehicle arrives in New Zealand.

Although he declined to go into further detail on when the Enyaq will be due here or the level of police interest, he did confirm that the Superb plug-in hybrid has passed its operational tests of police and that a number were now on active duty. Across the country.

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“They [the police] now have plug-in hybrids in service as we speak. They’ve spread them across the country in different applications to learn exactly what an electric plug-in hybrid can do in policing.

Skoda New Zealand chief executive Rodney Gillard and one of 548 cars the company delivered to police last year.

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Skoda New Zealand chief executive Rodney Gillard and one of 548 cars the company delivered to police last year.

Gillard said Skoda New Zealand had now delivered more than 500 vehicles to police for use as ‘Prime One’ front line patrol cars in the first year of the supply deal, well over 350 to 400 which were originally planned.

“We announced the deal in November 2020. Obviously we had to order and supply the vehicles, and by the time they got on the ground and signed it, it took until June for the first cars to be delivered” , did he declare.

“The incredible supply from Skoda Auto means that we have been able to supply and, thanks to the absence of supply problems, make it the buffer stock. This is a testament to Skoda Auto’s support during such a difficult time and the importance of these emergency service activities around the world for Skoda Auto.

Police also started using a specially prepared five-seater version (dropping the third row that comes in the standard car) of the AWD 32kW Kodiaq Style SUV, which was also in contention to become the canine unit. This task, however, was given to the Superb wagon after an evaluation on both vehicles.


The first of Skoda’s new police patrol vehicles is unveiled in Wellington.

“They [the police] did a lot of research with the handlers and the people running the unit, and worked with Skoda New Zealand to select the Superb wagon as the canine unit,” Gillard said.

“The very first was modified and produced. It has been manufactured and it has just been finalized. Next week we will sign, and he should be on the road in the coming weeks. »

Gillard says the design advancement over current canine units is “next level”, with Skoda New Zealand working with a UK-based company that has the exclusive contract to supply UK police forces with canine units for local design, with the comfort and welfare of the dogs being an important consideration.

“It’s not just a cage and a few doors anymore,” Gillard said.


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