New agility equipment installed at the dog park | Herald of Cootamundra


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The Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) recently installed agility equipment in the Cootamundra Dog Park. The fenced leash dog park is located at the corner of Thompson and Hurley streets in Cootamundra. The Cootamundra All Breeds Kennel Club were successful in securing a grant to fencing the area in 2014 and the CGRC purchased and installed the agility equipment with funding from NSW Companion Animals Registration. This being the funding the CGRC receives from dog and cat registrations in the Council area. The dog park has two separately fenced areas for dogs to interact and play, the quieter area is for smaller dogs or puppies as they get used to interacting with larger and busier dogs. The other area is the active area, and this one is for sturdier and larger adult dogs to run and play. An introduction area is also part of the facility to allow dogs to interact safely through fences, before being introduced to the agility areas. The equipment was manufactured locally by C&G Engineering and CGRC staff were busy setting these items up ready for the Christmas holidays. Some of the items include jumps, swings, seats, and other agility pieces for dogs and their owners to enjoy using the park. This fenced in leash area allows the community and its many visitors with dogs to enjoy a safe and secure environment to play and relax. Picnic tables, the availability of clean water, and dog waste bags are some of the inclusions in the park.



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