More evidence that Idaho potheads are destroying themselves and others


How often do liberals and young libertarians need to hear it? Marijuana is not good for you. Your sacrament is very harmful. Downright dangerous for others around you.

This includes what is called medical marijuana. It seems to have a psychosomatic or placebo effect. Otherwise, it does you no good and could make you worse.

Like America needs more idiots

Every time I write about this, northwest potheads scream Reefer Madness. It’s like taking a lollipop from a two-year-old’s mouth. They scream and kick and when it doesn’t work they claim it’s still better than alcohol or tobacco. Really? That’s like saying it’s better to fall 100 feet and hit your head on a rock than fall 500 feet and hit your head on a rock. It’s stupid and illogical and probably caused by your current lack of brain cells.

trust the science

If you doubt me, I prove a pair of links. If you can clear your head in just 15 minutes, you can read the first one by clicking here. If that doesn’t register in your baked skull, click here. He cites even more evidence that your hobby is the dumbest thing you can do.

Just in case, this link should be the icing on the cake. Pregnant women who puff ganja are more likely to have babies with small heads and other illnesses. Let me be facetious. What this country needs when it has 30 trillion dollars in debt. No more dependents who are disabled by irresponsible and immoral parents.

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