Mom ‘bitten 25 times’ by American Bully bought from unlicensed breeder


A mum was bitten 25 times by one of her dogs after trying to stop her from attacking her other dog.

Stephanie Jones, 32, had to put six-month-old Chase down after being hospitalized following his vicious attack. Chase was an American Bully dog ​​and lived with Stephanie with her three young children, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lola, and her other American Bully, Cookie.

Fatal attacks on people of the canine breed have exploded in recent months in the UK, with some calling for the breed – which is not recognized by the Kennel Club – to be banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act . However, Stephanie said it was wrong to tar all Bullies with the same brush, and that it depends on the individual dogs and how they were bred before they were purchased, reports the Mirror.

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She says she should have spotted the red flags when she bought Chase. She first posted a message on Snapchat asking if anyone had a champagne-colored Bully she could buy, and she was put in touch with a breeder.

But, when she arrived to pick up the 10-week-old pup in April 2021, she was refused entry to her home so she couldn’t see the dog’s standard of living or meet the pup’s parents. However, Stephanie, who lives near Swansea in Wales, persisted, buying the pup for £3,000.

She said: ‘He literally came out to me in the car, put the puppy through the car window and promised to send all the paperwork by post and I never received anything. I learned my lesson.

People who knew the breeder later told Stephanie that he did not have a license and that there were “crates upon crates in the locked dog house, used for breeding.” After bringing Chase home, Stephanie noticed a large scar on his ear, which the breeder said must have been done by the dog’s mother.

But later that first night the pup started having a seizure and she rushed him to an emergency vet. “I videotaped this seizure he was having, sent it to the breeder and he asked if I wanted to trade the pup for another pup?” explains Stephanie. “Obviously I told him no.”

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Stephanie was hospitalized after the attack and developed a skin infection while in hospital

She was originally supposed to pay £4,000 for Chase via a payment plan, but the breeder dropped the price to £3,000 due to health issues Stephanie raised with him. But when Stephanie tried to ask about the outstanding documents and proof of her license to reproduce, he threatened her. She said: “He sent me threatening voice calls and voicemails saying if I ever told anyone about him they knew where I lived.”

She also heard rumors about the breeder, including that he bred dogs from the same litters. His suspicions proved correct when Chase attacked Lola, causing the two dogs to become separated.

Then, in August, he picked up Cookie, the family’s other Bully, in front of his children, aged four, five and seven. This is where Stephanie was attacked by Chase, stepping in to grab her cervix – putting her in the hospital and causing her to get cellulitis in the hospital.

She said: “He went crazy, he bit me 25 times on the arm. He sent me to the hospital and I had both arms flushed, then I also got cellulitis in the hospital.

Chase was bought from an unlicensed breeder who threatened Stephanie when she asked for her missing documents
Chase was bought from an unlicensed breeder who threatened Stephanie when she asked for her missing documents

But Stephanie’s main priority was to protect her children, with Cookie also coming between Chase and the three children. Although she was seriously injured by Chase, she believes it was due to improper breeding, rather than the breeds being an overall danger.

She said: “I sincerely think that when you have these dogs that are not properly wired, it depends on the breeding and how people raise them. My thing is, I raised both dogs the same way and if the whole breed is a danger, surely my other would have turned too, but she didn’t.

Because of this belief, she kept Cookie after the attack, which shocked some of her family and friends, although she put Chase to sleep. Stéphanie insists: “We can’t all tar them with the same brush.

“She is literally my best friend. If I thought anything negative about this dog, I wouldn’t have her around my kids.

Chase was shot after the attack
Chase was shot after the attack

“If anyone should be against the Bullies, it should be me after what he did to me. They’re not all the same, 100 per cent.

Compared to Chase, Cookie came from a “nice house”, where Stephanie was invited inside and given the paperwork on the spot. The dog had also been microchipped and had all his vaccinations.

Referring to when she bought Chase, she said, “It’s just ridiculous when I look back. I was very stupid.

“I should have thought about it more. I thought he was a lovely pup and took him home.

Bullies were originally bred in the United States, but in recent years their popularity has skyrocketed across the Atlantic. Pitbull Terriers and “Pitbull types” are banned in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act.


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