Minnesotans urged to consider tidying up bird feeders and baths


Minneapolis (KROC AM News) – The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota is asking residents to consider putting away bird feeders to help slow the spread of the current avian flu outbreak in the state.

The centre’s executive director and veterinary epidemiologist, Dr Victoria Hall, says the country “Unfortunately is experiencing an unprecedented outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in our wild birds.”

She says the epidemic “is unique because of the very high levels of transmission of the H5N1 virus strain currently circulating in wildlife. “ Hall says the center deals with infected bald eagles and other raptors every day. She says it also affects wild geese, ducks, blue jays and crows.

The number of turkeys in commercial flocks in Minnesota affected by the ongoing avian flu outbreak has increased by several hundred thousand over the past week.

And for the first time, a commercial egg producer has confirmed an exposed flock. It was a flock of 214,000 chickens in Morrison County. This is the second largest herd reported so far.

A commercial broiler producer was confirmed for the first time this week, also in Morrison County.

MN Animal Health Council

MN Animal Health Council

Of the 80 herds affected so far, 28 have been in Morrison County. Kandiyohi had confirmed 21 herds on Thursday.

The first case of bird flu in Minnesota linked to the current national outbreak was confirmed on March 25.

According to the CDC, the virus poses a low risk to humans.

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