Military dog ​​Benga begins his next mission: retirement


JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – A special ceremony was held Wednesday at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

Call it a thrilling celebration as Benga, his primary military working dog, retires.

Benga, who has been a military working dog since 2015, has taken part in countless secret service missions during his career as an explosives detector.

During his retirement ceremony on Wednesday, Benga received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

Captain Wilfred Vilanova of the NAS Jacksonville Police Department adopts Benga.

“Well deserved,” Vilanova said. “He’s going to go home, be on the couch. And he no longer has to worry about working, looking for explosives or patrolling. »

What makes it a perfect adoption? Vilanova is also retiring.

“By the end of September, I will be gone, so we will both be retired partners,” he said. The two will be on the couch and walking around together.

Benga’s military service began in August 2015 when he was recruited to work at Lackland Air Force Base and enrolled in the patrol and explosive detection program.

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After flourishing in his courses, he was certified in detection training in December 2015 and patrol training in April 2016 by the 341st Training Squadron.

Benga was posted to NAS Key West in June 2016 after graduation, where he trained alongside many MWD managers to hone his skills.

Benga came to NAS Jax in May 2018 after working two years in Key West.

He underwent redeployment training and worked countless Secret Service assignments during his career.

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