Local woman hits lifesaving assistance dog training fundraising goal


Friends, acquaintances and strangers all joined in to help Amanda Robar raise the final $ 16,000

After two winter walks, countless spin-to-win fundraisers and a big Facebook push, Newmarket resident Amanda Robar has raised all the money she needs to train her service dog, Cable.

In total, she needed to raise $ 36,000 for the Golden Retriever to be specially trained to be an epilepsy intervention dog, vital support for her.

Thanks to a family friend who posts on Facebook and encourages others to donate daily since December 29, they were able to raise the last $ 16,000 needed to reach their goal.

“It’s a relief, mainly because things have been really unpredictable in our lives recently, in our family,” said Robar, adding that his mother was having some health issues. “Having friends ready to push for this and the community stepping in – and people I don’t even know – it’s really good to know this isn’t going to be hovering over our heads in October. when Cable comes to see me. ”

Cable previously trained at Ruff Sport in New Tecumseth and will be ready to join Robar in October. At that time, Robar will retire his current service dog, Kira, who will be 10 years old later this year.

Now that the fundraiser is over, Robar said she hopes to spend more time with her family and enjoy the next few months with Kira.

However, she knows that in about seven years, they will have to fundraise again, as she will need another service dog when Cable is ready to retire.

Robar said she would need a service dog for the rest of her life, due to her seizure condition. The dogs are trained to help her navigate daily life, but also to perform life-saving interventions, like pulling a tub drain or helping Robar get home.

She said donors have helped make this possible.

“A service dog is something that I need for my safety in so many very different ways and which helps me live an independent life,” said Robar. “Without their help we would not have achieved the goal, so thank you very much to the friends, friends of friends and complete strangers who took the time to donate from their own pockets and even to share on the networks. social the fact that this was something that had to happen.

She said it really helps you see the good in the world and right now “we need that good. “


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