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Photo submitted Chief of Police Mike Abraham said he wanted to thank cemetery staff and board members for their generous support as the department raises funds for a K9 officer. From left to right: H. Wendell Cole, Lee Sayer, Arlene Obertance, Jim Landfried, Gene Krotky, Brian McCulley and Abraham.

LISBON — The police department continues to work to raise funds for a K9 agent. So far, Police Chief Mike Abraham said he has raised $12,580 in donations and sales of T-shirts and hoodies.

Abraham said the total cost of the K9 project is $70,000 and he said he expects funding to come from the ministry’s budget. He said the vehicle required for a K9 officer is the most expensive part. “The dog and the training itself cost $18,000, for dog training and handler training,” he said. “And then the rest is pretty much the car.”

A car for a K9 officer must have special features. “There’s actually a kennel in the back, and then this cage has a seat on the side so you can put prisoners back in, because we don’t carry prisoners in the front seat,” said Abraham. “So it’s sort of cut out for a seat in there for a prisoner in the back.”

The car will also need a special air conditioner in the backseat, as well as monitors that alert the officer if there is a problem, such as an air conditioning malfunction. There is also an emergency unlock function. “If he’s away from the car and something happens, he can release the dog for the door to open and the dog to come out,” said Abraham. “There are just different things that you don’t normally get on a police car that you need, so it’s a bit more expensive.”

Getting the right car is also going to take the most time out of anything involved, Abraham said. “I probably could have had a dog already on the move”, he said. “What takes so long is the vehicle. They tell me that if I order a black or a white, my chances of getting it sooner are better. They talk about six to eight months so that I can even have a car. He said he finally went with a white car.

The police will continue to sell shirts and plan to hold other events throughout the year to support the project. “I know Numbers, the 21st is police week and on Saturday they donate some of the proceeds from their nightly sales to our K9 fund and they will have things to raffle off for us,” said Abraham. He said they were also planning a fried steak on June 17.

He said the support for the K9 officer has been overwhelming. “The shirts, at the beginning, we couldn’t follow them”, said Abraham. “It’s still a bit crazy, it took off quite quickly. We can’t believe it. We had a few calls from Florida and wanted to buy t-shirts. Some of them used to live around here, some of them follow us on Facebook.

Abraham said it was $35 for a hoodie and $20 for a t-shirt.

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