‘Letterkenny’ is back to hit your funny bone with a hockey stick


I had heard of Letterkenny, but had never had time to look at it. But with the final season of the cult Canadian series set to debut on SBS VICELAND, it seemed like the perfect time to find out what it was all about – or is it “started”? — regarding this award-winning sitcom.

As a newbie, that meant going back to the start and watching all ten seasons of the sitcom, which was repackaged into seven seasons at SBS On Demand.

The show started life in 2013 as a YouTube series called Letterkenny issues, created by Jared Keeso, who plays the main character Wayne. It was picked up as a television series by Canadian streaming service Crave and the first season of Letterkenny debuted in 2016.

Sixty-seven episodes later, the series has ten seasons plus two spin-off series: the animation littlekenny and the next shoresy, about the brash hockey player of the same name, also played by Keeso.

One thing I found out about Letterkenny right off the bat is that comedy in English (with a healthy dose of French) is more than a little bawdy, crude and violent. People who like their sophisticated humor should probably steer clear of it.

But the series also has many endearing qualities, from its likable main characters to its fun scripts filled with sharp one-liners, Canadian slang, inventive profanity, and clever puns. There’s also plenty of well-shot action sequences, whether on the ice hockey rink or in a bar fight.

The series is set in the small rural town of Letterkenny, Ontario, and centers on siblings Wayne and Katy (Michelle Mylett), who operate a farm and produce a stand when they’re not hanging out with their friends Daryl ( Nathan Dales) and Squirrelly Dan. (K. Trevor Wilson).

Wayne is taciturn, helpful, and constantly battling contenders for his title as the toughest fighter in town.

The four friends – and most of their fellow locals – are collectively known as the “hicks”. Although laid back by nature, they regularly clash with other factions of Letterkenny, including the Skids, a group of meth-addicted goths led by Stewart (Tyler Johnston) and the hockey players, represented by the fools Reilly (Dylan Playfair) and Jonesy (Andrew Sir).

There are also occasional clashes with Native Americans on the nearby reservation, led by the fiery Tanis (Kaniehtiio Horn).

However, something becomes apparent after watching a few episodes. They are happy to insult and brawl, but the different factions will unite if faced with a common threat, whether it be the “degens (degenerates) of the outback”, their neighbors in Quebec or agitators of the alt-right tiki torches. .

“It’s small towns in snow globes for you,” Squirrely Dan says in his own way. “We might bicker inside, but if someone from outside comes knocking on the door…”

Much of the series focuses on Wayne’s quest to find true love…when he’s not “choreographing” on the farm, drinking or fighting. When we first meet him in season one, the farmer is newly single after his girlfriend of five years cheats on him.

At the end of season two, he dates dog breeder Rosie (Clark Backo), but that falls apart after a drunken fight with his cousin and she later walks away.

Wayne has a brief fling with Tanis before a fateful meeting at a buck’n’doe party in Quebec leads to Daryl hooking up with Anik (Kim Cloutier) and Wayne starting a relationship with Marie-Fréd (Magalie Lépine Blondeau).

The two women are destined to break the hearts of the guys, but Wayne eventually gets over it. Heck, he’s such a good guy that he even helps Marie-Fréd buy a new truck in a later episode.

As season ten rolls around, Rosie has returned to Letterkenny and into Wayne’s arms, but the pair are in no rush to rush things.

Of course, there are plenty of major storylines involving other townspeople along the way. Ongoing gags include the incompetence of the town’s hockey teams and the suspicious fires that twice engulfed the local bar MoDean’s, run by the hypersexual Gail (Lisa Codrington), but in reality, very little changed.

“The one constant here,” says Squirrely Dan, “is that everything stays the same.”

And this is the most beautiful aspect of Letterkenny. Despite everything that’s happened to the characters over the years, they’re still pretty much the same people we met in the first episode.

Wayne is always a terse, stoic man of honor ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Daryl is still his clumsy best friend in smelly barn clothes. Squirrely Dan is still, well… Squirrely Dan. Katy is still a fun girl who, much to her big brother’s dismay, refuses to wear more than the bare minimum of clothes in public.

And they’re still a bunch of good old lads and gals who love nothing more than ice cold Puppers beers, a few shots of Gus N’ Bru whiskey and a donnybrook.

You could do much worse than check Letterkenny for a rowdy good time. As Wayne might say, with just a hint of impatience in his voice, “I’m surprised we’re not watching it right now!”

Pitter pattern.

Season seven of Letterkenny airs weekly at 8:30 p.m. starting Wednesday, February 2 on SBS VICELAND.

The seven seasons of Letterkenny are available on SBS On Demand. Start over from the beginning:

Jump to the last season:


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