Lee, New Hampshire, will host a dog-only Easter egg hunt


Did you ever take your dog to a dog-only Easter egg hunt? Is this a real thing?

Little River Park in Lee, New Hampshire says it’s absolutely a real thing. Who if you ask me, is so pawsome.

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It’s safe to say that family dogs receive about as much love, attention, and care as human children.

Yes, I am partially biased, as I treat my two mini Bernedoodles like royalty; however, I am not the only one who spoils my dogs.

In light of the growing love for dogs, The Little River Park in Lee, NH is hosting the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs, according to the event page.

The Doggy Easter Egg Hunt will take place on April 16, 2022 between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at 34 N River Rd. Lee, NH.

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This event has many layers.

For starters, there is an associated cost and two types of tickets. The first type of ticket is a general ticket. General tickets are $50 per dog (and human) for members; while non-members will pay $60.

They also offer a VID (Very Important Dog) ticket for $60 per member and $85 for non-members.

Those who purchase a general admission ticket will receive “an egg hunt, a physical warm-up, a photo with a furry and human family, a sensory experience, a spring flower paw print, a tour with partner tables, a goody bag and a chance to win prizes,” according to the Little River Park website.

Those with a VID Experience ticket will receive “everything listed for general admission plus a special Easter basket filled with treats and sensory toys for your dog, first into the woods to find eggs before others participants, a 1 in 10 chance of winning our big raffle prize.”

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To clarify once again – this is for your dogs only. Yes, humans can participate by bringing your dogs to such a fun opportunity; however, this event will be a one mile walk with your dog. Your ticket will allow your furry friend to grab up to 24 eggs which will contain a dog treat and possibly an additional prize voucher.

There are a decent number of rules and regulations, such as dogs must be kept on a leash, no more than two dogs per person, dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, etc.

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To register and see all the rules, regulations and what’s induced, click here.

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