Kelpie Corner is the battleground to find the best dog in 2022 | Herald of Naracoorte


You’ll get to see some of the best “real” working dogs from all over South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales during South East Days as they fight for the title of best yard dog in the state.

The SA Yard Dog Association (SAYDA) is organizing the Coprice 2022 South Australian Yard Dog State Championship Trial, which will be held as part of the Field Days Trial.

At the top of the Thursday program are classes for maidens and improvers. These are followed the next day by the Novice Class and the Open Class, all held in two mock sheepfold areas at “Kelpie Korner”.

KELPIE CORNER has traditionally been very popular with the field day crowd and is expected to attract large numbers of visitors again this year.

It’s the 40th anniversary of yard dog trials in South Africa, which makes this year’s event even more special, according to Lucindale show manager Darren Jenke.

He said the Coprice 2022 South Australian Yard Dog State Championship Trial, which will take place on Saturday March 19, will involve 25 dogs made up of pre-qualified SA Open Trial winners from the previous year and the balance of the highest scores in the southeast of Friday. Field Days open class.

Mr Jenke said dogs should prove their mettle by:

  • Enter and cross sheep in a small sheepfold area;
  • push them into a race;
  • undertake script writing;
  • then simulate loading them into a truck.

He said the typical traits of a good working dog included a natural ability to “cover and hold” sheep that tried to escape crowds or refused to go where needed, such as a run. to the editorial staff.

“The best dogs are those that can keep crowds together and have enough presence and strength to move sheep around to get the job done calmly,” he said.

Mr Jenke said a good working dog needs a good handler.

“The handler and his dog need to have a good respectful bond to work together,” he said.

“They need experience to be able to read the stock and anticipate what’s next.”

Mr Jenke said there would be several puppies on display at “Kelpie Korner” during field days, which he said would be popular with the crowd.

“So many people have watched Muster Dogs on ABC and there’s a lot of interest in the skills needed to train working dogs,” he said.

Mr Jenke said the working dog area was well supported by sponsors this year and the dogs and handlers would compete for a strong prize pool.

“It’s only fitting that the first South Australian Yard Dog Trial took place in Lucindale, where the competition is still going strong,” he said.


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