Keeping canine friends cool as London swelters in heatwave


Noon is never the busiest time at Pottersburg Off-Leash Dog Park, but on Tuesday the large open play area was completely empty.

Keeping cool in the shade though, you might find Aishwarya Vinod, her friend Marley and her one-year-old golden retriever, Luna.

“It’s hot isn’t it?” Vinod told Luna as she returned from a walk on a nearby trail.

“The heat really kept people indoors today I think. It was either between a walk or a dog park for Luna,” Vinod said. “So we chose the dog park.”

Vinod came to Pottersurg because of the large wooded area, full of trails.

Aishwarya Vinod, Marley and golden retriever Luna enjoy the shade on a hot day on May 31, 2022. (Gerry Dewan/CTV News London)“It’s actually one of my favorite dog parks because of all the greenery there. She loves to go there and explore,” she said.

Evie and Kuba Czerniak had the exact same idea.

Czerniak brings a backpack full of items to help Evie out on a hot day and told CTV News, “I bring lots of water and lots of snacks. It’s become a habit to come here. I have started loading my backpack with stuff. I even had a bowl of water, just in case I couldn’t find any.”

But no two dogs are the same, and they come in different breeds, sizes, and ages.

Chris Harvey was also at the dog park with his one-year-old puppy, Jackson. Harvey thinks it’s important to know the characteristics of different dogs and learn to read the signs your dog is giving you.

“He likes to do this thing where he lays out on the grass and he finds these little patches to do it, and it’s like, ‘Okay.’ If it’s every few minutes, that’s okay, but when it becomes every few seconds, now is the time to go home,” Harvey said.


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