I’m a vet – what your dog says about your personality and it’s bad news if you have a designer crossbreed


WE’VE all heard that a dog often looks like its owner, but believe it or not, dog owners often adopt their pup’s personality, sharing many of the same characteristics.

In fact, research has shown that people are often attracted to certain breeds that share their personality traits.


Your dog can reveal a lot about you, veterinarian Pete Wedderburn saysCredit: Getty
According to Pete, if you have a pug, you're usually a millennial


According to Pete, if you have a pug, you’re usually a millennialCredit: Getty

The UK Kennel Club recognizes over two hundred purebred dog breeds, each with their own strong and instantly recognizable identity.

Choosing a dog breed is extremely personal and the decision you make can say a lot about you as an individual.

As a result, we spoke to well-known media vet Pete Wedderburn to get his thoughts on what your chosen pet is saying about you.

So, if you’re a dog mom (or dad), get ready for some truths about what your pooch reveals about your personality.

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labrador retriever

If your pup is a Labrador Retriever, Pete thinks you’re very relaxed when it comes to your home.

He explained that if you have this breed of dog: “You are a country dweller or you live in the comfortable suburbs.

“You’re not too proud of your home, and you don’t mind the muddy footprints and dog hair that come with this friendly, classic breed of dog.”

french bulldog

But if you have a French Bulldog, according to Pete, you care a lot more about what people think.

Pete said: ‘You are a fashion-conscious social media enthusiast, reveling in the adored attention this quirky-looking breed is attracting.

“As a brachycephalic (flat-faced) breed, French Bulldogs are prone to a number of problems related to their constricted airways (including heatstroke in the summer).

“As a result, your budget has been significantly affected by your choice of breed, due to the high veterinary costs that are often involved in keeping them healthy.”


If you have a Cocker Spaniel running around your home, according to Pete, it means you like to be in control of your appearance.

Pete continued: “Cockers are the blonde (or brown) bombshells of the canine world, with their long, hanging ears resembling a mane of shiny hair.

“You are aware of the importance of looking good and taking care of your appearance.

“You and your pet are likely to have top-notch hairdressers who make sure you always look your best.”

british bulldog

According to this vet, if you own a British Bulldog, you have a deep wallet and are a traditional Brit.

He claimed: ‘You are a proud traditional Brit who loves this emblem of English. You probably voted for Brexit.

“You don’t have sensitive hearing: you don’t care about your pet’s continually noisy breathing.

“Like other owners of brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds, you have a large budget to pay for your pet’s healthcare costs, as they are more likely to get sick than other breeds.”

Smooth-haired Miniature Dachshund

Dachshunds seem to be a very popular dog and Pete explains that if you have one you are very image sensitive.

Pete reinforced, “You are a neat person who loves the cleanliness and easy-to-manage nature of this adorable, transportable breed.

“You are image-conscious and love the extra compliments and attention your dog gets.

“You are financially sane and have insured your pet as you know they are prone to slipped discs which can require very expensive surgery.”

english springer spaniel

But if you have a Springer Spaniel, you are quite the opposite and much more laid back.

Pete explained, “You are a no-frills, no-fuss country lover.

“You are a person in jeans or green boots, wearing a Barbour jacket in the winter.

“You enjoy long walks with your dog and are more proud of your dog than your home.

“For you, life is about doing and living, not about sitting around looking pretty.”

Golden retriever

It turns out that if you own a Golden Retriever, you are a beautiful and positive person.

Pete said: “Another handsome blond dog that appeals to owners who appreciate their substantial size and larger than life personalities, with hearts and eyes of gold.

“You live in the suburbs or in the countryside, with regular walks through fields and woods being an integral part of your routine.”

German shepherd

According to Pete, if you own a German Shepherd, you are intelligent and very disciplined.

He added: “You are security conscious, aware that the breed you have chosen has a reputation as a guard dog (what you have discovered is a camouflage for the gentle giant that most of this breed is.)

“You are an intelligent, slightly formal person, leading a disciplined life tied to the race’s military past.”


But if your favorite dog is a pug, it turns out you care a lot more about what people think.

Pete explained, “You are a Millennial or GenZ who was persuaded to choose this charming and comical breed thanks to their social media stardom.

“You are a people-loving city dweller with deep pockets: you learned that Pugs, like other brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds, are prone to respiratory problems that can make visits to the vet more likely than with dogs with longer noses.”

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pete thinks a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is generally a man’s dog and says a lot about your appearance.

He continued, “You are more of a man, under 30, and in tune with contemporary street fashion and culture.

“Tattoos and muscles are exposed.

“Your dog expresses your down-to-earth, tough but inside soft attitude towards life.”

designer cross dog

When it comes to designer crossbreed dogs, Pete thinks you’ll probably be pretty gullible if you have one.

He added: “If you own a fashionable poo or a piggle-puggle (or another fancy-named mixed-breed dog), you’re probably a well-meaning person who tends to fall for marketing tricks that include charging more. money for mixed-breed dogs with awesome-sounding names.

Mongrel, or mutt, or randomly crossed dog

And finally, if you’re related to a mongrel or pooch, that tells Pete that you’re sensible and well-grounded.

Pete concluded, “You are a balanced, sensible person who appreciates that dogs bred at random tend to be healthier, cheaper to run, and happier than dogs that were bred for original looks.”

Pete says if you have a Labrador you're a country dweller


Pete says if you have a Labrador you’re a country dwellerCredit: Getty
If you have a Miniature Dachshund, you are generally a tidy person.


If you have a Miniature Dachshund, you are generally a tidy person.Credit: Getty

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