Houston County nonprofit animal shelter is packed


The Humane Society of Houston County is operational thanks to donations and volunteers

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — The Humane Society of Houston County has dogs, cats and even a guinea pig.

Company manager Dee Allison says they are full all year round, but in the spring it gets even busier.

“Spring love was in the air through the winter months, and so the results for kittens and puppies and it’s just astronomical,” Allison said.

The shelter is a haven for displaced pets that have been abandoned or abandoned.

With all the new outlets they are almost at capacity.

“We have to turn people away. It’s a constant situation where I’ve been saying ‘no’ lately to some of the animal controllers. It breaks our hearts, but when I have nowhere to put them and we don’t don’t have the volunteer staff to come here to clean up, so we can’t do what we can’t do,” she continued.

To take care of all the paws of the place, they ask for your help in stocking up.

Sure, they need food, but they also ask for items like paper towels, laundry detergent, and trash bags.

“Everything we get here comes from donations. We don’t have a utility situation where this big company is saying, ‘Here, let me drop you a packet every month to hear from you,'” the manager said. .

If you’re unable to donate or volunteer to help keep things afloat, Allison says pet owners can help in another way: neutering and neutering.

“With females, one, you don’t have babies; two, they can get mammary tumors and cancer and it stops the process of males helping to make more babies. jumping fences,” she said. .

If you want to help the shelter, you can find a list of supplies needed here.


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