Guess which city in Michigan has some of the best Wordle players?


Wordle is everywhere. Believe me. Just try scrolling through Facebook without seeing someone post that infamous green grid showing off their latest Wordle achievement. The guessing game-turned-addictive pastime has people coast-to-coast challenging their minds to master the hidden word in just six tries.

It’s becoming a sort of cult craze. In its first two months, Wordle was mentioned on Twitter 1.7 million times, and that was without the continuous grid posts. I myself haven’t been engrossed yet, but I’ll admit all the hype has made me curious to try it a few times. As the phenomenon continues to grow, so do statistics measuring countries, states, and cities for top Wordle players.

How good are the Michiganders at Wordle?

With over 3 million daily users around the world, it’s interesting to know that some of the best players in the country are right here in Michigan. There was a recent study by, a word game help website, to determine not only which countries were the best at solving Worlde’s daily puzzles, but which states and cities were killing it on the gate.

Although Michigan as a city on its own was not a big star, one city in particular was. According to the study, Ann Arbor, Michigan landed on the list of “10 Best American Cities for Solving Wordle.” Even more impressive, Ann Arbor ranked third in the nation with the best average Wordle guesses needed to solve the puzzle. Ann Arbor had an average of only 3.59 necessary guesses. Not too bad!

How did they determine the top 10 US cities to solve Wordle?

The data for the ranking was collected in January 2022 and, according to the website, the determinations were based on the following;

“We extracted 195,248 tweets with the #wordle hashtag using the Twitter API. We managed to extract the game score from 142,669 tweets. To qualify, we were looking for the score presented as a fraction ( for example, 3/6 or 5/6) and the grid of colored squares. We dropped the rare cases where fraction and image contradicted each other. We dropped 2,729 tweets with a score of X/6, which means that the puzzle was not solved with six guesses and kept only numerical scores. The worldwide average number of guesses is 3,919 based on 139,940 tweets (of course, only tweeted results were counted) We attempted to obtain the location of the user and aggregated the data by country, state and city. At the country level, we only recorded countries with at least 50 tweets; in the global city rankings and US cities – with at least 25 tweets.”

Take a look at the full list of the top 10 below.

  1. St. Paul, Minnesota – 3.51
  2. Reading, Pennsylvania – 3.56
  3. Ann Arbor, Michigan – 3.59
  4. Berkeley, CA – 3.61
  5. Malden, Mass. – 3.62
  6. Tulsa, Oklahoma – 3.62
  7. Richmond, Virginia – 3.63
  8. Portsmouth, NH – 3.64
  9. Waukesha, WI – 3.64
  10. Nashville, TN – 3.66

Learn more about the study and full lists of states and countries here.

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