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LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Only divine intervention can help George Kambosos Jr against Devin Haney, according to Frank Stea — one of the men behind America’s training camp.

Stea, who has watched Haney grow from a ‘kid’ to one of the best boxers on the planet, says his training schedule has been tailor-made to handle the ‘dog fight’ he will enter on Sunday at Melbourne.

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Moreover, a number of Haney’s sparring partners would be good enough to beat the 28-year-old.

“Devin is in a dogfight, but Devin’s training has only been dogfighting,” Stea, who runs the gym Haney and Tyson Fury are affiliated with, told

“We got him a few sparring partners, some trained well and some weren’t good enough to hang on and didn’t have the right style for what George is. But from what I’ve seen some people agree some disagree but I think there were a few fighters we had in sparring that could beat George Kambosos in a real fight.

“I don’t want to name too many names, but Eduardo ‘Rocky’ Hernandez (33-1), he also gave Devin some good laps.


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George Kambosos Jr. takes on Devin Haney in Melbourne on June 5. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

“Unless God jumps in the ring with George, I think Devin, regardless of my concerns, comes out with the belts.”

These concerns relate to one main point: the judges.

“Of course Devin wins,” Stea said.

“My only concern, like anyone in the United States, is how fair the arbitration is, how fair the judges are going to be. We know it’s not going to be local judges.

“It’s also a crowd. You expect more than 40,000.

“If you watch George Kambosos fight, he’s a talented, tough guy.

“I think he’s a better talker than he is a fighter. You put a microphone in front of him and if he pronounces bulls*** it’s interesting and you want to listen to what this guy has to say. I go, ‘Oh George Kambosos is talking, this guy is ridiculous, let’s hear what he has to say.’ But he’s tough as nails.

“He’s not a better boxer than Devin Haney, he’s not a better athlete, is he tougher? We will find out on June 5.

Kambosos posts Haney celebrating his victory | 00:45

“My only concern is that there are three judges in every fight, three different angles, when George fights on the inside he goes there with the underhand jab, he throws a lot of punches, a lot hits the gloves. Devin is a great defensive fighter, a lot of punches are thrown at him, he is very good at deflecting with his gloves.

“The tricky thing about George is he’s a smart guy, he’s a good fighter, tough, and his style is deceiving.”

Stea predicted both men would be emotional at the opening bell.

Still, as Stea puts it, who wouldn’t be moved given that undisputed unification is at stake.

And while Stea thinks Haney might take a few rounds to get into the fight, perhaps exasperated that his dad and trainer Bill won’t be in his corner for the first time except for an 11 a.m. U-turn. by the Australian government. , but will finish at the top of Kambosos.

“I think George is going to come in confident,” Stea said. “He’s going to look around and soak in, he’s going to look his opponent down.

“I think it might take a lap or two to get past the crowd, get past being so far from home, but once he settles in, I think he runs away with it and hangs around George in any corner of the ring and has his way with him.


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