Former Nurse Creates Awesome Dog Training Toy That Will Help Your Dog’s Mental Health


A dog lover from Northumberland says she has the perfect solution for owners who are “tearing their hair out” when trying to train their pet dogs.

Eve Jones, 36, traded a career as a mental health nurse for an entrepreneurial life after inventing a simple product that she says can help boost obedience, reduce anxiety and improve mental health. bond between dogs and their humans.

Cramlington’s Mom-of-Two dog training tool, Bonus, is a small plastic dispenser that allows dog owners to give their pets a small amount of soft food as a treat on the go.

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Reusable and easy to clean, Eve claims the product is eco-friendly and can be filled with healthy treats, making it easier for dog owners to monitor what their pet is eating.

The product can be filled with wet dog food, dog food, vegetable or banana mash or mash, or a host of other dog safe foods. The nature of the treats and the method of delivery make them attractive to dogs, which means they can be a more effective training tool than dry treats, she says.

She decided to make the product herself after struggling to find something similar while training her cocker spaniel, Mave.

She said: “I was concerned about all the additives in the dry dog ​​treats and struggled to keep Mave’s interest with them, so I was looking for a way to choose the food I wanted to reward her with. : food of great value that she would respond to foods of which I knew what they contained.

“I couldn’t find anything, so I was using peanut butter sandwich bags, putting my fingers in them for her to lick them. I talked to other people who were using similar methods, things that they had invented in their kitchen – a lot of dog owners were looking for something like that. “

Eve Jones invented the product after struggling to find something similar for her own pet

The dispensers, attached to a lanyard that can be attached to a belt or a leash, are designed in colors that dogs can see, so that the promise of reward is always visible, increasing attention to the trainer while throughout any training activity.

It might be a simple fix, but Eve thinks it could make a big difference for many dog ​​owners.

She said: “With the boom in new dogs and puppies thanks to foreclosure, many owners are struggling to train their dogs, especially those with separation anxiety.

“There are people out there who are pulling their hair out, and I think working with Bonus can help.

“The response has been fantastic. When people see it in action, it’s instantly ‘I know how to use it’, it’s very easy, I have a seven year old boy who uses it all the time with our dog. ”

A former mental health nurse, Eve now focuses on selling her new product. But she says her previous experience working with humans is fueling her new work.

“I think dog mental health is getting a lot more talk,” she said.

Eve says her cocker spaniel Mave loves using her invention

“There is a reason a dog’s behavior is often anxiety and stress, and using Bonuses can help alleviate that.

“Licking a dog is a self-soothing mechanism, and they also get close to their owner for the treat. Mave recently had to get his first haircut and Bonus helped ease his anxiety.”

And, spending time with animals too believed to help improve human mental health, the enhanced bond with your four-legged friend might even contribute to your well-being, Eve added.

Priced at £ 6.99 per Distributor, the bonus can be purchased at

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