Fitness Errors That Could Cause Problems For Your Pet


Your dog’s fitness is just as important as yours, and healthy dogs will want a routine that gives them plenty of ways to play and interact with you. It helps puppies retain their energy and builds a strong immune system for dogs at any age.

However, some breeds don’t stop when they get tired, so think about their limits and not overwork them.

“Of all the dogs we see, I would say about 60% of the dogs are out of shape,” says Kim Bissing, owner and head dog trainer of Beyond the Leash.

Getting your dog’s energy out and keeping him healthy is vital. But overdoing it is easier than you think.

First, don’t stick to repetitive exercises. Since they use the same muscles and joints, this can lead to tension or imbalance over time, which weakens their body in those areas. Instead, change up your routine and work all muscle groups.

“What we’re going to do is make a little schedule and try to do a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, it’s a nice ride. Tuesday and Thursday might stretch more or have your dog’s body moving in a different way,” Bissing told Ivanhoe.

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Just like us, dogs need a warm-up! Sitting and standing are a great way to engage their muscles.

“Little light things like putting their front feet on a block and moving them slowly with a treat just side to side. Moving your head up and down with a treat,” says Bissing.

Finally, let your dog rest! After a long run or intense workout, make sure he recovers by doing recovery stretches and massaging his muscles.

If you want to track how well your dog is exercising, there are even fitness trackers made for Fido. Much like a Fitbit or smartwatch, it will count your dog’s steps, track their heart rate, monitor their sleep patterns and it’s also a GPS, just in case you need to find Fido. There are several different brands and they range in price from $50 to $250.

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