Firefighters rescue dog trapped in 15-foot underground burrow overnight


Using equipment normally found at disaster sites after a building collapse or earthquake, firefighters worked for hours to free a trapped Jack Russell animal.

Digging at Sutton Park – SWNS

Freddy, 11, was chasing a bunny on Monday when he found himself trapped in a narrow hole in Blackroot Pool in the West Midlands.

Its owner, Richard Hill, said he could hear Freddy’s moans underground, but couldn’t reach him.

The 55-year-old reluctantly gave up his search after dark.

“I really thought I saw Freddy for the very last time,” Hill said.

He came back Tuesday morning and called 999 after hearing Freddy’s calls for help.

He had been trapped for 24 hours by then.

The West Midland Fire and Rescue Service found them after Hill used an app to help firefighters find his exact location: What3Word divided the world into 3m squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words – and if you have the app, it’s as accurate as the GPS coordinates.

The crews used a camera and listening equipment as part of their mission to find the puppy in distress and ultimately dug a 6ft by 9ft crater.

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Fortunately, after two hours of digging, the firefighters freed the exhausted Freddy, who “ran out of the hole, approaching him”.


“I have to say a big thank you to the firefighters, they were just amazing,” says Hill.

“It was just amazing when he got out of the hole after the rescue, it was like nothing had happened.”

Freddy still sports an orange tint after being covered with clay soil.

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According to the relieved owner, the 4-legged adventurer “will definitely stay ahead the next time we go out for a walk”.

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