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About a year after The Shield’s debut, it became very apparent which member’s WWE star was hitching his wagon to. Shortly before the 2014 Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns began to be pushed hard as the rising star of the trio. By 2015, it was clear that not only was he the Anointed, but WWE fans had little to no interest in helping make him the Anointed.

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When he shockingly returned to “The SunmerSlam You Never Saw Coming,” it was clarified that The Big Dog was tired of kissing babies and thus, he began the epic ride he is on now. Despite being the company’s number one heel, Roman also receives more than a handful of cheers demanding that WWE recognize him.

ten “Succotash Suffering”

Now at the height of his career, Roman Reigns can make his own decisions and do whatever he wants. But he spent years using the words provided to him by WWE creatives. No, “suffering from succotash” isn’t terrible on its own, nor does it call Sheamus “tater tots,” but it’s emblematic of one of WWE’s biggest problems.

Its benevolent creator is still stuck in the 80s, trying to win over his biggest stars by being silly and not paying much attention to big rivals. For Roman, he became one of the first albatrosses around his neck.

9 Blue eyes

Traditionally, Samoans have brown eyes. Or at the very least, Anoa’is generally have brown eyes. When Roman Reigns debuted, he had brown eyes.

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No one seemed to pay much attention to it. Until WWE’s creator decided that Roman’s big blue eyes would be his best feature. It was character traits like this that immediately made it clear that Roman was going to be shoved down fans’ throats, whether they liked it or not.


8 Royal Rumble 2015

After fans apparently wanted Roman to win the 2014 Royal Rumble against Batista (in reality, they were protesting NOT to get Daniel Bryan), WWE thought it was a good idea to book him to win the 2015 event. It ended up being one of the worst Rumbles in history.

Conquering hero Daniel Bryan came back and was knocked out in about 10 minutes, leading to chants of “Daniel Bryan” for the next 45 minutes or so. Even The Rock raising Roman’s hand in victory led to a chorus of boos.

7 Wrestle Mania 32

Nearly 100,000 people were booing what the WWE brass had surely assumed was a triumphant moment. Even Stephanie shouting at the crowd calling us all peasants couldn’t elicit cheers for The Big Dog.

Roman sending Stephanie to a table couldn’t get the crowd to cheer him on. He defeated Triple H and was on top of the world in a sea of ​​humanity that didn’t care.

6 Don’t build someone near his level

Not only does this problem still exist to this day, but it’s a huge problem for WWE as a whole, not to mention Roman. He’s the only guy to come close to the level of a true global superstar. Everyone fights for a distant second. Guys like Lashley and Rollins are definitely up there and have the ability but aren’t reserved that way.

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Roman is in God mode not only because he operates on a different level, but no one has been booked decently enough against him to be credible challengers.

5 The Big Match With John Cena – No Mercy

Several years after his run to the top as a babyface, Roman had come up against the then-current top babyface, John Cena. What was a gigantic match in a few years should have been a marquee main event at one of the four big events of the year.

Instead, it wasn’t even the main event of a throwaway PPV – No Mercy. Roman managed to defeat John Cena; but it didn’t look like that huge signature win. Especially since Cena was at this point respected and felt like Roman was still being force-fed to the fans.

4 It took years to leave the shield behind

Coming to the ring through the crowd in makeshift riot gear made The Shield almost instantly iconic. When Seth Rollins destroyed The Hounds Of Justice, he started wearing new gear. Dean Ambrose started wearing jeans and tank tops.

But Roman kept the Shield fatigues, which made him look out of place with the rest of the WWE Superstars. It was also just a constant reminder of the amazing group he was once part of and now gone.

3 2016 Royal Rumble

Just when some fans had started to turn slightly towards the guy came the 2016 Royal Rumble. He entered the match as the reigning WWE Champion, defending the title in The Rumble as an entrant n ° 1.

It might not have been so bad if Roman had been reserved very differently. Instead of being booked, he was beaten and eliminated, so he could take a nap backstage while the rest of the field vied for his title.

2 Baron Corbin

Whenever Michael Cole explains that Roman Reigns hasn’t been pinned down or forced into submission since 2019, the big question is that it was Baron Corbin who accomplished that feat.

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The feud between the two seemingly lasted forever and involved feeding The Big Dog dog food. It was as ridiculous as it sounds.

1 Kept him a babyface too long

From the time he became a babyface with The Shield until SummerSlam 2020, Roman Reigns was a white meat babyface. Unfortunately, fans were never fully invested in the guy, and he constantly got booed off the building.

While that certainly helped inform The Tribal Chief’s character, trying to force-feed the WWE Universe a wholesome part of The Big Dog was way too long.

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