Drake London isn’t at all worried about his NFL readiness


Drake London has the size. He has the strength. He has the ability to run. He has his hands. He has so many obvious traits of an elite NFL wide receiver that it’s hard to doubt his abilities at this point. London has a great chance of being a top-10 pick and even more likely to be the No. 1 wide receiver on the board in the 2022 NFL Draft. it’s his speed.

London is not a pure sprinter. No one would confuse him with Tyreek Hill. Still, Hill and other speed demons are in a class of their own, so the idea that not being as fast as those roaring Ferraris is somehow a negative on a draft profile just doesn’t hold water. road.

Still, you know the speed reviews and criticisms are going to keep coming. London was asked about it on Friday.

His response was clear, concise and confident, exactly what you would expect from a receiver who knows he’s good and doesn’t have to fake it:

It’s a WR1. He’s an alpha male. He’s a big dog that’s going to eat in the NFL.

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