Dragon Ball: 10 most controversial moments, ranked


Dragon Ball is no stranger to heavy emotional sequences. Sometimes heroes have to face great losses or events before things get better.

There is a lot to love and celebrate about Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball. For over three decades, he has proven to be an important mainstay of the anime industry. Dragon ball the story gradually evolved and his characters continue to experiment with incredible power. Dragon ball the core values ​​of heroism remain unchanged.

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Good always succeeds in triumphing over evil in Dragon Ball, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t also many unexpected tragedies. Dragon ball is no stranger to heavy emotional streaks and sometimes heroes have to face great loss or confusing turn of events before things get better.

ten The moon destroys itself

Anime Dragon Ball Jackie Chun Destroys the Moon

Dragon ball hardly feels like he needs to obey the laws of reality or be grounded. There are still a few more exaggerated moments that stand out. The moon plays an important role in Dragon Ball. The moon is there triggered the dangerous transformations of the great apes that some Saiyans undergo. Since the moon is considered such a handicap, it is in fact destroyed as a quick fix to disarm the great ape form. It has become a highly contested moment – the absence of a moon on Earth would have major ramifications for the planet.

9 Imperfect cell viciously drains humans

Dragon Ball Z Anime Imperfect Cell Body Drain

Each of the villains of Dragon ball assert their evil authority in different ways. Cell’s introduction marks one of the few truly horrific moments in Dragon ball. Imperfect cell requires absorption from androids to achieve perfection, but it can also drain humans dry to get a quick dose of potency. Some of the darkest visuals in Dragon ball come from Imperfect Cell’s assault on an unsuspecting town where many civilians are being dried up and left as grotesque envelopes. He immediately establishes Cell as a malicious force.

8 Goku gives Cell Senzu beans and heals the enemy

Goku is one of the most beloved anime characters of all time – although his innocence and continued ability to see the good in others can lead to some frustrating moments in the characterization. Goku enjoys giving his opponents a chance at rehab, which has become one of the character’s most annoying traits.

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One of the most polarizing examples of Dragon ball This is when Goku decides to heal Cell with a Senzu Bean so that he can give Gohan a suitable challenge. It’s a controversial moment because it shows just how blind Goku’s fighting instincts can be.

seven Nappa and the Saibamen slaughter the herd

Earth has a wide range of protectors, who train and meet for when Vegeta and Nappa invade the planet. These support heroes do their best to protect the planet until Goku arrives. The number of victims is staggering. It would be one thing for a character or two to achieve their ends here, but this first battle in Dragon ball comes out Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and even Piccolo. It establishes a new status quo in the franchise for the power characters need to survive.

6 Goku watches his best friend die at the hand of Frieza

Many villains have come after Frieza, but the Galactic Tyrant is constantly finding ways to get back to the narrative. he is from afar Dragon ball z most persistent cockroach. The battle against Frieza on planet Namek is one of the longest fights in the entire series. it starts Dragon ball tradition for the bad guys to have many transformations and shapes. Frieza cruelly mocks Goku with Krillin’s execution, which pushes him past his breaking point and turns him into a Super Saiyan for the first time. It’s brutal to watch this benevolent character meet such a macabre end.

5 Majin Vegeta’s self-destruction fails

Vegeta has one of the most satisfying character developments of all. Dragon ball character, but he enters his darkest period when he succumbs to Babidi’s temptations and becomes Majin Vegeta. Majin Vegeta causes massive damage to Goku and many innocent civilians.

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It’s a devastating turning point for Vegeta’s character. He tries to redeem himself through a capricious self-destruction that will take Buu with him. It’s very shocking to see Vegeta submit to such a strategy, but even more so when he fails and his death turns out to be in vain.

4 Zamasu grabs Goku’s body and kills his family

Anime Dragon Ball Super Zamasu Goku Black Attack Chi-Chi Goten

One of the most engaged and compelling villains to appear in the Dragon ball the franchise is Goku Black. Goku is only part of Future Zamasu’s layered plan to eliminate all mortals from existence. Fused Zamasu becomes such an apocalyptic problem that it requires the intervention of Omni-King Zeno to be eliminated. One of the darkest moments in this saga is when The future Zamasu successfully grabs Goku’s body – only to immediately kill his family in this new form. They don’t even have the chance to figure out what happened.

3 Golden Frieza successfully blows up Earth

Frieza returns to assert his dominance in a major way in Dragon ball super with the reveal of its new golden form. Golden Frieza isn’t much of a challenge for Goku and Vegeta’s new Super Saiyan Blue force, but Frieza is still able to manipulate circumstances to negotiate a twisted victory. Golden Freezer channels his energy into the Earth and succeeds in blowing up the planet. It is a huge surprise when the destruction of Earth occurs. Fortunately, Whis is able to reverse this thanks to the temporal inversion capacities of a Temporal Do-Over.

2 The dog of Hercules, the bee, is executed

Majin Buu and Hercules take care of Bee in Dragon Ball Z

Audiences are used to seeing heroes facing unfortunate endings when they put themselves in danger and defend the universe. But it’s different when someone innocent dies, especially when it’s just an animal. There are prolonged periods of chaos during Dragon ball z Buu Saga and criminals try to take advantage of the unrest. Smitty and Van Zant cross paths with Hercules and Buu, and they end up eliminating Hercules’ adorable dog, Bee. It is a mortifying act that traumatizes Buu so much that it results in the creation of Evil Buu.

1 Buu’s human extinction attack wipes out the planet’s population

Anime Dragon Ball Super Buu Human Extinction Attack Kami's Watch

The mighty villains of Dragon ball Often tease big plans for destruction, but they don’t actually come true. Buu is such a frightening change of pace because he follows through on his threats and shows no empathy for the human race. Super Buu Human Extinction Attack is a vicious technique that targets and annihilates almost the entire population. The situations often seem dire in Dragon Ball, but this is an unprecedented level of loss that really makes Buu’s attack feel like the end of time.

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