#DOGS: The SIGN of your DOG says a lot about them … and about you! Check this … | 98.5 The cat


Ah, our dogs … we love them, right?

Your dog’s zodiac sign says a lot about them. And in the same way, dogs and humans have similar astrological traits, so what is said for your dog can be said about you.

Check out this list and see how it relates to the dog in your life!

• Aries: bold, athletic, adaptable, impatient and impulsive

• Taurus: affectionate, patient, stubborn, strong-willed and calm

• Gemini: agile, alert, restless, vocal and inconstant

• Cancer: loyal, gentle, cranky, clingy and dedicated

• Leo: fearless, energetic, dominant, demanding and gregarious

• Virgo: shy, distant, intelligent, charming and capricious

• Libra: easy going, peaceful, kind, people-oriented and intelligent

• Scorpio: reactive, independent, possessive, strong-willed and loving

• Sagittarius: free-spirited, playful, funny, curious and sympathetic

• Capricorn: reserved, cold, territorial, good-natured and patient

• Aquarius: independent, rebellious, people-oriented, distant and outgoing

• Pisces: susceptible, dedicated, gentle, adaptable and unpredictable

So what do you think? How would you say these signs sum up your dog? Let me know…


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