Dog overcoming anxiety to make new friends melts hearts online


A dog who overcame his fears and found a group of friends has melted hearts online.

Pablo the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has delighted internet users after his success story caught viral attention on video-sharing app TikTok. In a video posted by user staffysmilez on Thursday, the charming pup goes from walking alone to spending time with four dog friends at a local park.

Posted with the caption: “Good training pays off”, the video, which can be seen herenow has over 180,000 views and over 17,000 likes.

In the footage, the adorable pup walks with his owner wearing a yellow reflective vest that says “nervous”.

According to the American Kennel Club, anxiety in dogs is not uncommon. It can occur in all breeds and affect each dog differently – while many animals deal with anxiety as a normal part of life, others can develop anxiety disorders which can lead to behavior and behavior problems. other issues.

A 2020 study published in Scientific Reports analyzed 13,715 dogs from Finland, asking owners to answer questions about their behavior in relation to seven anxiety-related traits.

The study found that 72.5% of dogs expressed anxious behavior. They reported that 17% of dogs were afraid of other dogs and 15% were afraid of strangers.

Sarah Jones is the owner of My Anxious Dog – she designed and created a range of yellow space awareness products for anxious dogs. She said Newsweek“Yellow dog coats, harnesses, collars and leashes are meant to show people from a distance that your dog is scared, anxious or reactive and therefore needs that all-important space.

“Yellow is used because it is the official warning color for caution and a pure yellow is the brightest color in the spectrum, so the human eye processes yellow first.”

In the video, the text overlay reads, “He’s too reactive to make friends…” and then, “…No, he’s just scared and needs a little help.”

The American Kennel Club states, “Reactivity is often confused with aggression. Reactive dogs overreact to certain stimuli or situations.”

The video of Pablo the dog overcoming his problems and making new friends has delighted internet users. One commenter said, “Aww, it’s all about training and finding the right friends,” while another said, “That makes me so happy.”

Poster staffysmilez then shared that, “A nice calm welcome pack with practice – my dreams for Pablo have come true.”

Another TikToker shared their own story and wrote, “Love this my blue [is] also suffers from anxiety due to another dog’s behavior and has become reactive, we are working on that.” Staffysmilez replied: “That happened with us too. I still struggle with staying on a leash, but having a pack of canine friends is an accomplished life goal for Pablo.”

One commenter shared his delight and wrote: “Oh my baby girl was like that too – it just makes your heart burst with pride seeing them become more confident.”

Meanwhile, another user joked, “Do they make these little coats in adult sizes too?

If you have an anxious pup, this article from last year includes 10 of the best calming products to ease your dog’s anxiety.

Newsweek has contacted staffysmilez for comment.

A file photo of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog. A dog’s journey through anxiety to make a pack of canine friends has warmed hearts online.

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