Cuddle Clones Golf Headcovers feature incredible detail on your best friend.


My dog ​​Dottie has been a part of my life for over 11 years now. Since we had her, when I started working from home and working in this industry, I have spent more waking hours with her than my wife or our children.

Dottie has been so important in my life over the past decade. She’s a great friend, great with our children and has been a constant source of joy and happiness – even though she treats me quietly when I leave.

I love my dog ​​and I have way too many pictures of her. However, when I saw someone on social media posting a picture of a headgear that looked almost exactly like their dog, I was floored. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. On the one hand, it looked great. On the other hand, would I want something that eventually looks like taxidermy?

It’s been a while since I saw the headgear, made by Cuddle Clones. Then one day I received an email from someone working with the company who asked if I would be interested in going through the process myself to get one of my dogs. I accepted them on this offer.

Setting up a Cuddle Clone is quite easy. You’ll need to provide a few details about your pet, including breed, fur color, and other traits. It’s quite simple. Then you provide photos of your dog from different angles to showcase their features, whether on their ears, muzzle, eyes, face, or chest. Once you’ve submitted all of that and your order, you’re ready to go.

Cuddle Clones are not cheap. That’s a $150 investment in headgear. I’ve always been hesitant to shell out for designer headwear because of the often a little cheaper price tag. However, the detail you get in the final product is really good, and it’s inherently personalized. What’s more personal than your dog?

There is also a significant time frame for the construction of these headgear. The production time required varies, of course, and it’s likely largely dependent on the order pipeline ahead of yours. Again, this makes sense given the amount of detail that goes into these and the custom nature of the headgear, but it’s something to consider when ordering. It’s not going to happen in three days, and you shouldn’t expect it either.

When I got Dottie’s Cuddle Clone I was thrilled with the detail it contained. I was able to work out details in advance, like the way her ears hang down (I chose her “running ears”, i.e. the shape they take when she walks fast) , in addition to the traits I initially identified with them. Dottie has grown a white beard over the years, and the details of that beard came through beautifully in the final product. It’s not perfect, but how could it be? However, it’s enough like Dottie that my wife and son jumped in surprise when they saw him in the back of my car one day.

The headgear itself works well. It’s bigger than the normal headgear, and you’d expect that given it should look like a dog’s head – although there are, of course, small dogs with smaller heads. . The headgear fits the handler well, doesn’t really move around much, and has more than enough padding to protect the big dog (with a dog headgear). I would say, however, to only use it on a pilot. Tried it with a fairway wood, and the head was too small to keep the headgear on for more than a few minutes and a few bumps in the golf cart.

Sadly, I know we are closer to the end of Dottie’s life than the beginning. And that thought scares me. In a weird way, having Dottie’s Cuddle Clone makes me appreciate the time we have left with her all the more. Just looking at her reminds me how lucky I was to have her in my life and so many great memories I had with her. Frankly, in a time when golf is tough, this will be a calming influence.


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