Chloe Kim and her dog, Reese, partner with Purina Pro Plan to inspire people to get active with their dogs


Chloe Kim, a professional snowboarder, and her dog, Reese, a Miniature Australian Shepherd, both have a reputation for being very active.

From October to March of any season, Kim trains and competes on the snow to maintain her position as the top women’s halfpipe snowboarder in the world, defending her Olympic gold medal in the halfpipe at the Olympic Games. Pyeongchang 2018 at the Beijing Olympics in February.

And Reese, according to Kim, lives up to his breed’s reputation as one of the most active, requiring hours of activity each week to stay healthy and happy.

So when Kim and Reese had the opportunity to partner with Purina Pro Plan for its Million Mile Challenge initiative, which aims to inspire owners and their dogs to get outside and get active for logging miles, it was a obvious to both of them.

Kim, one of the faces of women’s snowboarding worldwide, boasts an impressive list of sponsors, including some of the biggest names in their respective industries: Nike, ROXY, Oakley, Toyota and Monster Energy. So whenever she’s approached by a brand for a potential partnership, she thinks carefully about how it aligns with her values ​​and goals.

“I think it’s really important to me that it makes sense when it comes to working with a brand; it wouldn’t make sense for me to do a cat food campaign, because I don’t have a cat,” Kim, 21, said. “Purina Pro Plan was an incredible opportunity for us; it was Reese’s big debut!

Right now, as we speak, Kim is sitting on Zoom with Reese on her lap. The mini Australian’s drowsy demeanor, her eyes slowly closing as she lies in Kim’s arms, belies her typically high energy state.

“Reese being an Australian Shepherd, you can imagine she’s very energetic and really likes to stay active,” Kim said. “It’s amazing to work with a brand that can nurture her and her energy.”

A few months ago, Kim says, she and her boyfriend, skateboarder Evan Berle, took Reese on a “massive” 15-mile hike. “And Reese was just walking the whole way,” Kim said.

Now six-year-old Reese, who you might remember Sports Illustrated coverage after Kim won gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics, had started to slow down a bit. She would probably have a good hour or two of hiking before she got tired, Kim said. “As a professional athlete, [my hikes] are not just flat; it’s a pretty heavy incline for a long period of time so she would be pretty tired. But after we switched to Purina Pro Plan Sport, she was able to keep up.

On this 15 mile hike with a constant incline, Reese ran ahead of Kim and Berle, checking everything, and was able to keep up with them the whole time. “I was a little jealous,” Kim said with a laugh. “I feel like I need some of this food. I’m tired; what’s going on?!”

In its partnership with Purina Pro Plan, Kim and Reese will be hitting the trails more frequently to log miles toward the overall 1 million goal, and other dog owners are invited to join them. For every mile, Purina Pro Plan will contribute 10 cents, up to $100,000, to Athletes for Animals, an organization founded in 2013 by Kelly and David Backes to advocate, rescue and protect the welfare of homeless animals in the United States. United

People can track their miles (walking, hiking, running, swimming or otherwise) with their dogs on the Strava activity logging app and contribute to the overall goal.

It’s no surprise, given her deep bond with Reese, that Kim’s favorite cross-training activity outside of pro snowboarding season is hiking. But she also frequents the gym more to work with her trainer, Roy Chan, who, ahead of the Beijing Games, helped Kim stabilize her core and increase her strength so her body can better withstand impacts. sometimes half-moon hard.

Reese, unsurprisingly, is also a staple at the gym, where she comes “to work out — in fact, she just naps and licks my trainer,” Kim said. But whenever there’s a ball in play — whether Kim has to roll her feet or do some ball-slapping — Reese makes it a point to get involved.

In addition to hiking three or four times a week, Kim also enjoys walking the dog beach with Reese. Although the Mini Aussie hasn’t shown much interest in swimming, she enjoys getting her paws wet and trotting alongside her famous mum, occasionally accidentally blowing her blanket.

“It’s so funny because I was walking her at the dog beach in Huntington and I hear this girl, ‘Oh my God, that sounds like Reese!’ and then they were like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Chloe Kim!’ Kim recalled with a laugh. “They recognized Reese and then they put two and two together and realized it was me and I was like, oh my god, Reese, you blew my cover! J had a hat, sunglasses and she completely blew my cover.

Kim has long wanted to get involved in causes supporting animals and hopes her partnership with Purina Pro Plan on the Million Mile Challenge is just the beginning of her work in this area. “I just think it’s so amazing, just hang out with your dog, donate to a good cause. It’s 10 cents a mile, so let’s get that money!

If dog owners are feeling particularly competitive, Kim will follow her activity and progress on Strava. However, it can be difficult for anyone to keep up with her and Reese.

“I’ve been planning on doing some longer hikes with my boyfriend this week so we can really get out there,” Kim said. “Just take a walk, run, bike, get outside and have a fun time with your beloved pet,” she adds, scratching and stroking a very satisfied Reese on her lap.

She will also celebrate her birthday next weekend and finally celebrate her second consecutive Olympic gold medal. “My parents went to Korea, so I feel like I really didn’t get to celebrate at all,” Kim said. “So my parents are coming home and we’re going to have a big party.”

The professional snowboarding season is over, but the work has only just begun for Kim. She’s unquestionably the queen of the halfpipe, but if the Beijing Games showed anything, it’s that there are plenty of other women in the world nipping at her heels.

It will be a long off-season of hiking with Reese and working out at the gym so Kim can keep her seat on the throne when the 2022-23 World Cup season kicks off in October.


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