Chinese Zodiac More Accurate Than Western Astrology


Astrology is an interesting aspect of our life that examines the potential factors that impact our personality and our fortunes. It doesn’t matter if you are firmly entrenched in it or just have a passing interest, it is an interesting subject to consider. However, more often than not, people end up restricting their view of astrology as a whole. They focus only on western zodiac signs regardless of what the Chinese equivalent may contain. Next, we’ll take a look at the benefits of the often overlooked horoscope and what it has to offer.



When you first compare the two zodiacs, it’s easier to spot similarities than differences. You will notice that both have twelve main signs. Each song has specific interactions with other signs and is meant to give an estimate of your personality and your compatibility with other people through those signs.

The least apparent similarity is that Western and Chinese astrology were created with the same pattern. This being the Babylonian horoscope, which is the first known horoscope in history. Of course, as with other societal and cultural traits, Babylonian astrology has spread. The effect of this astrology remains even millennia after the fall of the empire that invented it.

While these similarities might make someone think of the same thing, they couldn’t be further apart. All the other factors of the two zodiacs are very different. Even the way they assign zodiac signs to people is different. While western astrology is based on the month you were born, Chinese astrology determines your zodiac sign based on the year you were born. It also has different names for the twelve signs of the zodiac: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. Other similarities or a quick overview can be found at ChineseZodiacSecrets, while the following article will cover the deeper aspects.

The Chinese zodiac is not set in stone


This can be the main difference between the two and a fundamental factor that sets them apart. While the Western Zodiac has concrete readings whose flexibility is shaped by those who read it rather than the signs themselves, the Chinese Zodiac acts more as a source of warning signs.

In the Chinese zodiac, nothing is set in stone. There are many ways you are able to influence your destiny, making it both more complex and more complex. Think of it more as a source of advice than a divination. Chinese horoscope readings are believed to give you good motivation for the tasks and obstacles you will face in the near future. Their lack of strictly determined fortune only means that you can create your own. Of course, that assumes that you always obey its rules. It is about knowing how to affect other factors of the horoscope in order to experience the best possible outcome in any situation.

Much more complex


The differences aren’t just in the fundamentals of watching your fortune. Sign factors and their relationships are far from the only worrying factor in discerning your fortune. There are also five things to worry about. These elements are: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. These elements influence each other, keeping everything moving. For example, water feeds wood while wood feeds fire. If we look further, we can see that the fire itself affects other elements, which will cause them to have an effect on their related elements as well. Basically, it’s a whole series of relationships that arise from each other.
This keeps the cycle of creation and control in a state of perpetual change. It reflects our lives, which are frequently impacted by the world around us.

It should be noted that the Chinese horoscope also separates each year into twelve months, which are then separated into days with 12 time periods. This means that the time of year and the day themselves play a much bigger role in our horoscope than in Western astrology.

It’s not all about the stars

Going further in the complexity, it should be noted that the Chinese horoscope does not look exclusively at the position of the stars. The Chinese horoscope also takes earthly factors into account and even relies more on them. It can be easy to leave everything to the heavenly bodies when it comes to the horoscope, but the Chinese Zodiac doesn’t get bogged down in this.

As we have seen, our effects here on earth also have a big impact on our destiny. Daily interactions can have important consequences that could shape a better future for us if we react correctly. After all, among the millions of factors used by the Chinese zodiac, it is difficult to attribute them all to the sky.

year of birth


Whereas you would expect your year of birth to be more of a fortune related item than a horoscope that couldn’t be further from the truth. The year of your sign is a source of extreme bad luck. Worse yet, this bad luck lasts all year round.
To deter this bad fortune, the Chinese wear red clothes. There are other ways to fight it, but the color red is the most common factor in all of these rituals.


Although they share a similar origin and the same pattern, there are a ton of differences between Western and Chinese zodiacs. The most noticeable arise when you examine the signs themselves and how they are attributed. Of course there are twelve of them but they are all different and will be the same for those born in the same year. This can even make it simplistic if not for so many other factors that decide the Chinese horoscope.

As we mentioned, said factors include everything from the stars and below. We even have things we need to worry about in Chinese astrology. Five of them in fact, and constantly interacting.
However, the most important factor of the Chinese horoscope has to be the fact that it can be changed. We are not chained by the readings, but rather motivated to change them through our own actions. These can dramatically change fortune no matter who you are. That’s what makes him so much more involved, the role we play in it.


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