Charlotte Woman’s dog dies at local training center


CHARLOTTE, NC – “It’s really, really hard to accept and understand that she’s gone,” Courtenay Beyer said.

Charlotte’s wife says she is devastated after her dog died at a local training center.

“She was a joyful creature. She added so much joy to our lives,” Beyer said.

Last week she was informed that her one-and-a-half-year-old English sheepdog, Pippa, had died.

“She was so exciting and precious and happy,” Beyer said.

On July 3, Beyer left Pippa at All dogs Unleashed in Charlotte for obedience and leash training.
Five days later, the apparently healthy dog ​​was dead.

“They couldn’t tell me where my dog ​​was. They couldn’t tell me. And I kept saying that I needed to see my baby. I have to see my baby,” Beyer said, holding back tears.

Beyer says she never got to see her dog until he was taken to several clinics and examined during an autopsy.
According to the pathologist’s report shared with Beyer’s WCCB, the dog died of heat stroke and extreme dehydration. The dog also suffered from aspiration pneumonia.

Beyer posted her story online and received several messages from others saying they experienced similar issues after training at All Dogs Unleashed.

“If I can keep one or two dogs out for an emergency, then I’d rather do that. 5:22
This Charlotte-area vet tech wanted to remain anonymous. She says she has worked with multiple dogs that were brought in by All Dogs Unleashed and their conditions have raised alarms,” said a Charlotte-area vet tech who has worked with multiple dogs brought in by All Dogs Unleashed.

“Most of the animals came from heatstroke. Or to be seriously insufficient. The story we were getting is that they just stopped eating for a day, but looked like they hadn’t eaten for a week or two,” the tech explained.

As Beyer struggles to find answers to what exactly happened to her dog; she is left with grief and without closure.

“I just wanted to see those paws one last time. I wanted to kiss her on the forehead,” Beyer said.

Beyer says the training center provided him with a full refund. WCCB contacted All Dogs Unleashed during business hours today and left a message. We will update this story as soon as we have a response.


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