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FARGO — The Cass County Sheriff’s Department will have two new K-9 units again this year.

County commissioners approved permission for the department to keep in its budget the purchase and training of a dog to join another K-9 that Fargo’s Scheels Company has decided to donate at the end of the year. last year after the establishment of the department’s budget.

Sheriff Jesse Jahner said the dog Scheels could arrive soon with the other who is expected to be trained this summer.

He said they were saving money on dogs by using a four-week program in Iowa to train handlers and dogs instead of a more expensive eight-week program in Arizona.

The Scheels dog will be trained with a West Fargo police dog.

Jahner said they were working closely with the Fargo and West Fargo departments to deploy the dogs.

Both dogs, he told the stewards, would be dual purpose dogs. The dog Scheels will be trained in the detection and apprehension of narcotics. He said the other dog’s goals have yet to be decided, although searching for explosive devices is an option.

He said the dogs are occasionally used in rural schools and in the county jail.

He said the Fargo and West Fargo departments have several dogs that they use in their operations.

The reason Jahner would like two dogs is that they can not only increase the goals of dog usage, but also they can have the dogs on opposite shifts to reduce the need to call others. agencies and reduce overtime costs.

Each dog will cost around $24,300 to buy and train, with annual maintenance costs estimated at around $7,000 per animal.

Training in Iowa, which is nationally accredited, is much cheaper than the option in Arizona, he said.

Dogs are under a one year warranty.

K-9 Ed, a 13-year veteran dog for the department who worked with Deputy Dan Hermann, died July 6. It was a K-9 for narcotics and criminal apprehension. Jahner said the other K-9 should retire.


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