By God, it’s Dogs’n’Togs! – times age



The Featherston Dogs hosted their own VIP pool party over the weekend, with around 50 people enjoying Dogs’n’Togs at Featherston Pool.

Featherston Dog Park Group volunteer Jack Sheppard said this was the event’s third year.

“Every year the week after the pool closes for the season all the bleach evaporates and gets diluted and then we welcome the dogs in for a last hurrah for the summer and call it Dogs’n ‘Togs,’ he said.

One of the participants was a particularly well-behaved boy, following health and safety instructions by donning an orange life jacket.

“I really feel like it’s Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy,” Sheppard said.

“There are long ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, furry ones – I just love seeing all the variety and all the happy dogs here.”

Heather Murphy, chair of the fitness and dog committee at Featherston Dog Park Group, said Dogs’n’Togs was a great way to bring dogs and their human friends together.

“Dogs can run free, have a good laugh and jump in the pool if they want,” she said.

“They’re just having such a good time, they’re all really friendly and having a great fun day.

“It’s not often you can have dogs and pools unless you have one at home, which is kind of rare.”

South Wairarapa District Council Animal Services were in attendance with local dog trainers, sponsors contributing goody bags and one-time prizes.

Prizes were awarded to the hottest, happiest, bravest and jumpiest dogs.

Sponsors included Doggytreats, All Ears Dog Training, Eezapet, Dogs101NZ, Images Dog Training, Newflands and Beloved Pet Furniture.

The event raised approximately $275 through koha.

Murphy said the funds will go towards tunnels, ramps, mushroom jumps and beams for the dog park, to enrich the environment for the dogs.

“We put [them] there just so the owner can train dogs at the same time, dogs listen to their owners, and it’s just a great way to gently train your dog in a dog park and get them to listen to you.


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