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Boca Raton, Jan. 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Now there’s an easier, more transparent, and more reliable way to find the perfect pet to add to any family, with direct access to breeders, the all in one streamlined place. Fetchem Puppies pride themselves on providing individuals and families with a one-stop-shop for finding the perfect puppy and giving breeders a safe and secure place to do business.

Fetchem Puppies was created out of love and out of necessity. It gives breeders a place to advertise and a place of support with reasonable advertising rates to help people find their next furry family member. Fetchem Puppies gives breeders top priority, with access to information and expert customer support, any day of the week.

For customers who are starting the search for their next puppy, Fetchem Puppies provides in-depth information to help new and expert buyers navigate the process. Customers can find details regarding Fetchem Puppies French Bulldogs, including estimated size, compatibility with other pets and children, and energy levels. Potential buyers can even find out if a certain breed, like the Fetchem Puppies Goldendoodles, are good pets for apartment living.

At Fetchem Puppies, buyers and sellers have full access to services, right on the website. Buyers can create free accounts and receive detailed puppy listings and breeder information. Each shopper who creates an account with Fetchem Puppies also receives a free monthly subscription to each blog post. And when sellers create a free account, they can start sharing immediately by submitting up to eight photos and a video for each puppy they list. In addition to having full access to every blog post on Fetchem Puppies, sellers also have access to full and professional support through the breeder support hotline.

At Fetchem Puppies, visitors will discover everything they need to make a safe and secure transaction, putting buyers and breeders in direct contact, so that no information is transmitted incorrectly and every customer leaves completely satisfied. At Fetchem Puppies, the dedicated staff take pride in their commitment to following up any inquiries or concerns raised – and have established a zero tolerance policy for substandard breeding practices – ensuring every transaction is safe, reliable and transparent. , from beginning to end. .

And for those who are just starting the process of finding a new companion, Fetchem Puppies offers an online blog and monthly newsletter, with careful and crucial information about taking care of that new family member right from the start. day.

About Fetchem Puppies

Fetchem Puppies puts buyers and breeders in the driver’s seat, providing them with a comprehensive and unique database and support forum. At Fetchem Puppies, breeders share details about their puppies and buyers have full access to breeder information, removing the middleman from the process. And unlike most similar sites, Fetchem Puppies is 100% for registered buyers. Fetchem Puppies believes that buyers and breeders should be able to speak openly and honestly, without fear of additional fees being imposed or questionable sales tactics. And Fetchem Puppies remains firmly committed to a zero tolerance policy regarding puppy mills or any malicious, substandard breeding practice. For more information, please visit


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