Bud ‘Dog’ Turner to be honored at USC game on Saturday


Photos Al Sermeno / KLC

Bud “Dog” Turner was a caliber football player for half a century.

A commemorative plaque will be unveiled on the stadium’s video panel during a first quarter break

BERKELEY – The late Bud “Dog” Turner will be honored on Saturday when Cal hosts USC in the season finale at FTX Field at California Memorial Stadium. A large group of Turner’s family and friends will be on hand to witness the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in his honor on the stadium’s video panel during a first quarter.

The plaque will be located at the top of the steps exiting Cal’s football locker room, near where Turner became a fixture at the entrance to the North Tunnel. The plaque has a replica of Turner’s fist that players can “punch” out of the locker room and is adorned with his famous words “Great Day To Be A Bear”.

When Turner passed away at the age of 84 on September 3, 2020, it marked the end of his half-century of service to Cal’s football program. He started out as a part-time telephone operator for The PA Presenter in 1970 and has worked in almost all areas of football operations throughout his tenure. He doubled down on security and operations during practices and on match days until his death. Turner held an honorable Big C for life and was a member of the Sons of California.

Turner attended his first football game at Cal on September 27, 1947, when the Golden Bears defeated Navy, 14-7, at Berkeley in front of a crowd of 83,000, which to date represents the largest attendance paid for a home football game from Cal.

Turner received his nickname, Dog, from his childhood friend Mike White, who later became Cal’s head coach (1972-77). White gave Turner the nickname for his tough characteristics which were similar to those of former Chicago Bears linebacker Clyde “Bulldog” Turner, who is a member of the College Football and Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“Dog Turner has been a part of Cal’s football longer than many of us have been,” Travers family football head coach Justin wilcox said in an article on Turner published earlier this year. “He was such a kind and genuine person. I miss so many things, including the welcoming smile he gave to everyone who entered California Memorial Stadium.”

The Dog Turner Endowment Fund was created to create scholarships for future football student equipment room managers. The main donor is Shawn Tsao, Cal 2011 graduate, who served as manager of the student football equipment room in Cal and is the co-founder of Caviar (later acquired by Square and DoorDash) and Beluga Capital.


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