Biden meets robot dog, proposes innovation agenda


“To the students here, know that you have an education, know that you know you have the ability, not just to excel, but to be extraordinary,” Biden said. “You have everything you need to soar, and the world has never needed you more. So never forget that, yes indeed, your degree from a historically black university can take you anywhere, including the White House.”

Biden pointed to administrative initiatives supporting historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, and efforts to increase access to Pell grants, especially for black students.

“This is the fastest drop in unemployment ever to start a presidential term,” Biden said, pointing to a more than 30% drop in black unemployment.

Sen. Thom Tillis, RN.C., who opposed much of the rest of the Biden administration’s spending plan but backed both the bipartisan infrastructure law and a Senate-passed version of the competitiveness bill, was among Republicans focused on the increased costs to families caused by high inflation.

“The worst inflation in more than 40 years has been fueled by congressional Democrats and the Biden-Harris administration who have recklessly spent and wasted trillions over the past 15 months,” Tillis said in a statement Thursday. “President Biden’s only response so far is to blame everyone else for his decisions and push for a multi-trillion dollar tax and spending spree that would make inflation worse.”


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