Best performances from Day 3 of Eastern training


SAN ANTONIO – The practices continued Thursday for the All-American Bowl (Saturday, NBC, 1 p.m. EST). The East was exercising outside at nearby Trinity University, while the West was doing its work inside the Alamodome.

Thursday’s action was limited to one workout each. Each team trained from 10 a.m. to a little after noon CDT. Eastern skill players on both sides of the ball got more action than linemen, who performed indoor running drills but did not participate in individual reps or team session activities.

Quarterbacks and qualifiers performed a few limited 1v1 reps before longer 7v7 sessions from midfield, red zone and goal line. Against this background, 247Sports takes a closer look at the highlights of Thursday’s Eastern training.


The country’s No. 1 hopeful ball carrier once again excelled in a setting often considered not conducive to the development of the position. Nonetheless, Singleton made lemonade from lemons twice over two runs in indoor running drills as he quickly realized he had nothing in the box and bounced back to the perimeter, overtaking several defenders to the edge as he erased their advantageous pursuit angles. He continued to catch the ball well and scored on a touchdown during a 7v7 competition in the red zone. Singleton is simply playing at a different speed than defenders chasing him.



Bouie can play either side of the ball at the major level, but has mainly played the receiver this week. After falling from the end zone 1 on 1, Bouie had a great day. To finish the practice, he put in a few touchdowns on the 7-7 goal line as he found open space and watched the backline and limits with toe-hitting awareness. Prior to that, Bouie produced one of the best 7v7 freefield play of the day, catching a well-placed middle cross from Jayden Denégal (Michigan) and passed a defenseman to the far limit and the last 20 yards to pay dirt.

DREW ALLAR, QB (Penn State)

Allar broke away from the rest of the quarterback’s field and once again showed why on Thursday, which featured a number of impressive down shots with the required force, but a friendly touch to the receiver. He throws the proverbial ‘catchable’ ball better than anyone at this event.

KOJO ANTWI, WR (Ohio State)

Antwi provided another solid and cohesive day, which seems to be the theme of his week. A quartet of supercharged receivers – Bouie, Isaiah Bond (Alabama), Barion Brown (Kentucky), and Isaiah Sategna (Arkansas) – Gives the East ample down firepower, but Antwi has thrived in the short to intermediate game as the team’s most natural road racer. He hit an 18-yard 7-7 TD in Allar’s red zone late in practice on a smooth, scoring shot.


On Thursday, Sategna displayed impressive spatial awareness in short to intermediate exercises and routes, then found open space at those same levels in a 7v7 competition. He provides an intriguing weapon to the East as a type of slot machine that can find openings for faster throws, but also led by defenders in the vertical game with increased speed and athleticism by the decathlete.



Opportunities to shine were considerably limited for linemen on both sides of the ball on Thursday, but Williams flickered a few times during the lone indoor running session, disrupting the timing of the attack and generally giving headaches to the O. Williams line has an elite frame with exceptional functional athleticism and playing violence. He put together one of the best performances of the event at the start of the weekend.


Burnham was another defenseman who made a splash play on an indoor run as he stabbed an opening for a potential TFL on a rep. Burnham possesses the frame and demeanor of an edge rusher with the awareness and athleticism in the space of an off-ball linebacker, which has shown his skill in numerous 7v7 reps.

Tolan was there with Burnham as an off-ball linebacker who stood out in the 7v7 action due to his chasing range and comfort in space. Tolan pulled off a 7v7 interception from Allar’s red zone on a receiver-QB communication issue that Tolan had anticipated. Singleton got the better of him on the aforementioned Wheels Road TD, but otherwise Tolan was up to Thursday’s challenge for the most part.

DEVIN MOORE, S (Florida)

The Eastern coaching staff praised Moore and his ability to play whatever was needed in high school. Moore, who was just under 6ft 2in and 189lbs on Monday, has a tall, long frame for a DB with physical traits that could allow him to provide flexibility to staff at the next level.


Like Moore, the staff in the East was high on Humphrey, a wide-frame turn with exceptional track-verified speed. He’s one of the biggest corners of this event and knows how to mix it with wideouts to maximize his physical benefits. Due to his physical characteristics and great speed, Humphrey is a long-term high-ceiling prospect.


– Receiver Isaiah Bond (Alabama) followed Wednesday’s dominant performance with a strong outing Thursday. He drew at least one DPI in 1v1 reps and provided a dangerous decoy to free the other receivers in the red zone and 7v7 goal line drills. Leap turned out to be near the top in the ball skills department for the East wide receivers, a particularly impressive attribute considering how he could project himself on defense as well.

– Quarterback Gunner Stockton (Georgia) showed his deep ball accuracy on a few long touchdowns (45 yards each, max for 7v7) for Barion Brown (Kentucky). Stockton’s ability to put those deeper throws on the money is one of his best traits. He undoubtedly has a fastball that he can ram through windows, but will need to continue to improve his ability to vary speeds and trajectories, as well as short to intermediate ball placement.

– Speaking of Kentucky-bound Barion Brown, he’s repeatedly shown he’s one of the fastest players in the All-American Bowl. Not only does it display vertical running speed, its burst and acceleration after fast hitters also provide a big punch. Brown has fought the ball at times with a few 1v1 drops and a body grip here and there, but his 100-yard speed of 10.49 seconds and his athletic, lean frame make him a constant danger to defense and another. difference. who could thrive in defense if needed.

– Again the opportunities to see Linemen O and D shine were limited, but it didn’t stop Ashton craig (Notre Dame) flashing during the indoor race. Playing a straight tackle, Craig got some good joint blocks against a super talented Eastern defensive front to generate some nice wins.

– linebacker Daniel Martin (announcement Saturday) has shown the ability to move in the last seven games 7v7. He has cluttered the capture windows on several occasions to result in failures, including a broken pass on a rep from the goal line who saw him sneak by a pick to put a glove inside the capture point.

– Although no repetitions in 1 on 1 were carried out, the offensive tackle Kiyaunta Goodwin (Kentucky) looked significantly more comfortable Thursday than Wednesday, when he struggled 1-on-1 against edge speed. Goodwin seemed better calibrated for speed and more engaged overall.

– Cornerback Trevell Mullen (Indiana) showed improvement in activity during extended action at 7-7 on Thursday. It has shown its ability to clutter up receiver windows and disrupt the capture point, resulting in some nice breakages.

– The eastern starting offensive line, right now, looks like this: Goodwin on the left tackle, Tegra Tshabola (Ohio State) left guard, Griffon Scroggs (Georgia) in the center, Elie pritchett (Alabama) to the right guard, and Julien armella (Florida State) on the right tackle.

– The eastern starting defensive line, right now, looks like this: Dani Dennis Sutton (State of Penn) and Marvin Jones Jr. (Georgia) outside, Mykel williams (Georgia) and History of Caden (Commit Auburn) inside.


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