Arson Sniffer Dog Named KiKi Joins Portland Fire & Rescue


“These K-9s allow investigators to do their job more efficiently.”

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Portland Fire & Rescue has announced a new “secret weapon” in the fight against arson – it has four legs and a super nose.

K9 Kiki is the agency’s newest member and uses her nose to detect the causes of fires, according to a press release from PF&R. This 3-year-old ‘special investigator’ is described as an accelerator detection dog who partnered with Lt. Jason Andersen during a four-week canine training school.

“Acceleration detection dogs, commonly referred to as arson dogs, are trained law enforcement dogs that are used to detect evidence at fire scenes,” PF&R said in the announcement. “These canine heroes work alongside their handlers, identifying the cause of home or business fires, assisting in cold crime cases and uncovering potential evidence of homicides.”

The program is funded by State Farm and is available to fire departments and law enforcement agencies across the United States.

According to PF&R, since its inception in 1993, the State Farm Arson Dog Program has placed more than 435 dogs in 46 states, three Canadian provinces and the District of Columbia. All arson dog teams are trained by Maine Specialty Dogs and certified by the Maine State Police.

“We believe law enforcement officials should have every tool possible to combat this costly — and sometimes deadly — crime,” State Farm spokeswoman Amy Harris said. “These K-9s allow investigators to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. The scope of arson goes beyond the impact on insurance companies, it affects the personal and financial well-being of all of us. Training dogs to detect accelerators at fire scenes saves time and money in arson investigations. »

PF&R says this is Andersen’s first K9 trained under the State Farm Arson Dog program. K9 Kiki is a female Yellow Labrador bred by Southeast Guide Dogs in Palmetto, Florida.


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