Arntzen joins forces with AG Knudsen on ‘domestic terrorists’ complaint


Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen has teamed up with Attorney General Austin Knudsen to support parents in Montana.

Arntzen sent a letter protesting the National School Boards Association after they, along with U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, called the parents “domestic terrorists.”

“We all remember when the Attorney General of the United States was going to sue parents all over our country saying they were domestic terrorists,” Superintendent Arntzen said. “I of course contacted our Attorney General and wanted a way forward because parents are the backbone of who we are as Montanese and they are the first teachers of our students.”

Arntzen was thrilled that AG Knudsen immediately joined a multi-state lawsuit to protest this characterization.

“I am very pleased that AG Knudsen has joined a multi-state lawsuit with 14 other states to ensure that all recordings dealing with this discussion benefit from the sunshine and the brightness of the news to know exactly how this is going. passed,” she said. “Because in Montana, our parents are our children’s first teachers and we want to uphold Montana’s parental rights.”

She described her letter to the National School Boards Association.

“It was by no means a terse letter, but it was a letter that shared who we are and who we want to be,” she said. “A top-down federal investigation into our Montana families must not be tolerated here in Montana.”

KGVO asked Arntzen if there have been any families in Montana designated by the National School Boards Association, or any school board in Montana, as “domestic terrorists.”

“I’m very happy there wasn’t,” she said. “But we made a big contact from our office and myself personally, to our county sheriff as well as to one of the county prosecutors to see if any of these things could actually happen. Because this was such a sweeping blow from the federal government that could blame parents more for any kind of action, that we wanted to make sure those parents were protected.

Arntzen said she was happy to see the Montana School Boards Association begin to distance itself from the national organization.

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