Are you traveling with pets? Apps like Chewy, Vester, and Petcube can help.


Just because you’re looking forward to traveling this sunny season doesn’t mean you have to leave your four-legged friend behind.

According to a recent Hilton poll55% of American pet owners are likely to travel with their pet this summer.

This may be because many will consider traveling by car this year – despite high petrol prices – says the AAA, and many are considering vacation rentals, with millions of pet-friendly listings to choose from. Or maybe you’ve decided to stay in a cabin or cabin this summer for a more relaxing (and less expensive) “stay”?

Whether you want essentials for your pet when you’re away from home or need to speak to a licensed veterinarian, smartphone apps can provide a smoother travel experience for pet lovers this summer – and many are also ideal for year-round use.

Yes, real fur.

Here are half a dozen to consider:


Need more kitty litter at your vacation property? Want to spoil your dog with new treats? Looking for toys to entertain your pets at a campsite?

One of the biggest and best, the Soft The app and website lists products from over 2,000 brands, which can be delivered directly to you (free shipping over $49). The prices are good, plus there are frequent promo codes to enter at checkout and a Daily Deals section for temporarily reduced items.

Despite the name, Chewy isn’t just for dogs and cats, so you can also order a replacement aquarium or birdcage for your cabin or cottage.

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When you get home, you can save even more with an “Autoship” feature that lets you schedule regular deliveries of your pet supplies, so you never run out of food, supplements or other items essential.

The Florida-based company has an intuitive app (available for iOS and android), which includes an in-app shipment tracker to track your packages.


Need access to a vet when you’re away from home?

Jacket offers 24/7 online veterinary appointments via a secure video chat platform.

Available for iOS and Android, and on the web, Vetster is a telehealth platform that lets you video chat with a licensed veterinarian in your state (or out of it), on demand, 24/7. .

Available for iOS Where android (and a website, too), this pet-centric telehealth app lets you browse or search for a licensed veterinarian who specializes in the type of pet you own, see the languages ​​they speak, and read his biography and the reviews of others. Vets set their own prices, but appointments usually start at $50.

“As we enter the summer months, it’s not just about getting pet care at home or in the office, but also while you’re on the road, whether you’re traveling in a RV across the country or you may have rented a cabin or the lake house,” says Marc Bordo, co-founder and CEO of Vetster, in a phone interview with USA TODAY. “It’s like a vet in your pocket, in case you need to speak to a professional, wherever you go.”

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Vets are available in every state and if you are traveling to Canada or the UK., you can also find Vester there.

Where state law permits, medications may also be shipped directly to you or the nearest pharmacy.

American Red Cross Pet First Aid

I hope you never need this one, but in an emergency, the American Red Cross Pet First Aid application (iOS and android) is important to have on your device.

Similar to the First Aid app for helping humans, the American Red Cross Pet First Aid app offers a clean layout, with multiple photos and videos, for all common ailments and accidents that might happen to your best friend.

The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app offers a clear layout - with photos, videos, and step-by-step instructions - for treating common pet ailments and treating accidents.

In an emergency – a car hits your dog or your cat struggles to breathe – follow instructions on what to do, and there are built-in tools to guide you to the nearest vet hospital.

There is also a section with material on preventative care to encourage healthy habits as pet owners.

pet cube

If you've left your furry friend at home, you can peep to see your pets on the go, using a Petcube camera (under $50 to start) and l accompanying application.  More advanced models also allow you to dispense treats from the app while you're away!

Have you decided not to travel with your pet, but want to check that it stays with your family or friends?

The pet cube The app works with one of several Petcube cameras (starting at $39.99) to see, talk to, and keep tabs on your pet elsewhere. The entry-level Petcube Cam, for example, has a 110° wide-angle camera (Full HD 1080p resolution), 8x digital zoom and clear two-way audio. A $6/month subscription provides three days of 30-second video clips, three days of video history, and alerts.

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Use the app on your phone to check in anytime, even when it’s dark in the house, as Petcube Cam lets you see up to 30 feet away in night vision mode.

An optional feature lets you choose to be notified in real time with audio recognition of barks and meows.

Puppr, GoodPup

When you return from vacation, train your pup to perform tricks or improve potty behavior using the freemium Puppr app, which includes over 100 lessons.

Granted, it’s not recommended to train your puppy on vacation – it’s not ideal for your dog or his owners! – but it would be remiss not to include a few much-loved training apps when you settled in at home.

If money is tight, try the free Pupp (iOS and android), which offers a handful of training videos, including over 100 lessons with step-by-step instructions, from potty training to fun tricks. A paid Puppr Premium unlocks all lessons and includes live chat with professional dog trainers.

Also for iOS and Android, the most complete BonPup offers a personalized workout plan ($29/week), which includes weekly private 30-minute sessions with a trainer, guided daily workout tips, and a 24/7 chat feature with the trainers. And yes, there is a 7 day free trialtoo.


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