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If you’re considering getting a new furry companion for your home, this is your sign to adopt, not shop around! RJ and actor Anoushey Ashraf have strong opinions on buying animals – it’s always better to provide someone with a home than to create more demand for raising puppies that work in conditions terrible and ignores the animals afterwards.

“ADOPT, DON’T BUY! WHY?” she captioned an Instagram post. The actor also attached a photo of a puppy holding a picture of herself that read, “Have you seen this person?” to perhaps gain more empathy by reversing the roles.

“Because you will save a life, with all this slaughter, it is our moral duty to help,” she wrote.

In an earlier conversation with Pictures Animal rights activist and founder of animal rescue organization ACF, Ayesha Chundrigar, commented on the culling of street dogs and claimed that people who harm street animals lack awareness. “We see them poisoning our vaccinated dogs. Why would anyone do that? Why would they kill an animal?

Chundrigar stressed the urgency of engaging in dialogue, to help raise awareness. “They are not bad people. In many cases they don’t know about it,” she said of ordinary people who hurt animals on the streets.

Adopting animals is one way to fight puppy mills, Ashraf said in her post. “If you buy a dog from a pet store, online or in a market, you are definitely getting it from a puppy mill, which are industrial-type breeding facilities that prioritize profit. Factory animals are housed in extremely poor conditions and are sick,” explained the RJ. “Their mothers are kept in cages to be bred over and over again for years, without human company. Once they are no longer profitable, breeding dogs are simply discarded, either killed, abandoned or sold.”

Ashraf said puppy mills continue to operate through deceptive tactics. “Their customers are unsuspecting consumers who buy from pet stores, on the internet, or through classified ads. They will continue to operate until people stop supporting them. By adopting a pet, you can be sure that you don’t give them a dime.”

She explained how adopting a pet is a mutually beneficial situation. “Because all pets are healthy as they have been shown to be psychologically, emotionally and physically beneficial to their companions. When you adopt, you can also be proud to help an animal in need! ”

Ashraf made an important point that adoption is directly linked to the number of extra lives animal shelters can save. “Adoption helps more than just one animal. Overcrowded shelters take in hundreds of animals and by adopting one animal, you make room for others.

“Because you’ll change the whole world of a homeless animal: and get a new best friend out of the case!” It looks like a win-win situation for us.

The RJ added that neutering increases your pet’s chances of living a longer, healthier life. “It eliminates cancer of the uterus and ovaries! Neutering your male pet prevents testicular tumors, prostate problems, perianal tumors and hernias! Neutered cats are less likely to roam, and therefore the threat of bites and fight-borne diseases is reduced. Males are less aggressive and are not distracted by females in heat.”

She detailed the benefits of neutering females and said it reduced their desire to roam and reproduce. “No family wants to deal with an unwanted pregnancy and you will help alleviate the problem of canine and feline overpopulation,” she explained.

“Each year, millions of unwanted stray animals are killed. Many orphans are the result of accidental breeding by free-ranging, unmodified pets. The more pets sterilized, the less it will take kill some,” Ashraf wrote.

The RJ has defended animal rights on several occasions, posting on her Instagram to send a good message to her followers. She encouraged people to be kinder to sacrificial animals, advocated for animal welfare during her trip to Turkey, and even shared a personal story of how she’s rescued animals since the age of nine years.

It’s refreshing to see an influential person using their platform for good with a very helpful message that champions the rights of sentient beings who can’t speak for themselves. Adoption saves lives, shelters the homeless AND it’s free. There don’t seem to be any downsides, so be nice and go for it – save a life today.


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